October 16th Update – Good opportunities still exist in real estate; My analysis and outlook

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-I have a bunch of listeners who are always asking about real estate. I try to answer the many questions I receive and analyze the demographics and market dynamics.
-I analyze the investment numbers to show you what to look for when you invest.
-If you are peculiar like I am (I guess you are, since you are following my stuff) then you are not going to want to work for a corporation or the government, nor run a traditional business, because you will have to be beholden to a lot of easily offended stakeholders and customers. I grew up poor and this is why I live an austere lifestyle. The benefits of being self-sovereign are incalculable and worth living the simple life.
-Real estate is all about money and time. The younger you are, the less money you need. However, if you are my age, you can always develop a cash flow into retirement age, and you will be much better off for it.

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