Investing based on our beliefs instead of reality; A lethal philosophy

Belief vs. Reality

I agree with you and I’ve done great financially. I am a physician, but I am also an odd duck. I am old fashioned and I am similar [in] age to you. I am an avid reader and I’ve come to realize that everything is rigged and controlled by the central bankers.


The elites and their generations established an inscrutable and confusing system to ensnare the sleeping masses

If we can comprehend that the elites are in control of their own financial system, then everything else will fall into place and our proper course of action becomes clear.

Here is what happens when we invest based on belief…
Investing based on belief is easier, but lethal. Investing based on reality is difficult, but more rewarding

The prophets on the former Patriot radio have been crying imminent economic collapse since the late 1980’s, when Bill Cooper was shilling gold and silver to his listeners and warning of impending economic collapse.

Granted, Mr. Cooper was correct on many fronts as the new world order has steamrolled its way into every person’s life; just look at all the degeneracy, busted families, and broken dreams around us. But if we took the patriot radio’s financial advice, we would have been decimated.

The belief, of course, was that the whole financial system was going to fall apart, because the psychopathic elites were losing control. This patriot radio and alt-media philosophy now stretches as far back as 30 years ago and longer, and anyone who seriously subscribed to this mindset for the past 20-30 years has been effectively marginalized (that is if they are still on this planet).

As you can see from my previous writings, I have also concluded that the internet has only helped the elites to speed up the fracture, humiliation, and financial decimation of the former patriot movement. I cannot believe how effectively the propaganda outlets like ZeroHedge have destroyed the patriots. As we can see, those who invest and plan for the future based on fear and belief will always end up poorer.

…Here’s what happens when we invest based on reality
Why does every crisis aid the new world order? It’s like flipping a coin 50 times and having it come up heads each time. Perhaps it’s more than chance.

When we first wake up to the agenda of the new world order, we usually think that the whole economic system is about to come unglued. I held that belief for several years after my wake up call and my investment choices largely reflected this belief, and I had a formal financial background. I woke up to the new world order in 2002, after digesting my personal experiences with the 9/11 attacks. Some people usually find out about the new world order after having to go through an acrimonious divorce or contentious lawsuit. Others stumble upon it after an alcoholic tragedy or profound personal loss. The causes vary, but the results are the same; we are confronted with a conspiracy too monstrous to contemplate.

Regardless of our circumstances, we need to settle down and mature in our life struggle as we attempt to move forward in a wicked world. We also have to reconcile with the fact that this system remains intact, despite all the ongoing crises. It’s been more than a decade since the world ostensibly fell apart, yet the global elites have gained so much more power in its wake, while the sheep have even less control.

Still not convinced? This agenda moves forward year in and year out, yet every crisis and event always ends up in the favor of the NWO elites. It is like flipping a coin 50 times and having it come up heads on each occasion. If you refuse to believe me then you refuse to observe reality.

Most followers of the alt-media and former patriot movement may claim to know the agenda of the new world order, yet most will never accept that this current system is an effective system for the elites to achieve their goals. Most who are aware of the new world order keep thinking TPTB are done. My observations speak otherwise.

We may think that things are spinning out of control and that societal collapse is in the cards. But for most people, this is the government and society they desire. This is what they choose. You and I are a small minority and we need to get used to this strange world. Our elected politicians may be corrupt, but they are voted in by a corrupt populace. They are a direct reflection of its people.

Obfuscation and partisan rancor are intentionally injected to confuse 95% of the population. If we can accept that this is part of the NWO plan, the world will make much more sense, and our long-term investment and personal choices will reflect this reality. Thus, we can move forward and plan accordingly. I am always prepared for opportunities and if things fall apart, I stand ready to benefit. I suggest you do the same.

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