The internet can be a powerful tool, but its potential is limited by our biases

I know you say that the internet has not been a benefit to most people, but I don’t really agree. For me, it has helped me to uncover a lot of information that I never would have come across. I have also learned a lot about religion and the Bible; there’s a lot of great pastors on YouTube. I use the internet to help me with pay bills and learn about investments.

Anyway, I am curious to know what you think.

Dave, NV

The topic of the internet comes up often for discussion. Let’s look at some data to see if the internet is helping out most people.

Income inequality and net worth disparities widen since 1995

Mainstream adoption of the internet began around 1995, and since then, just about all measures of income and wealth by percentile have showed growing disparities.

Having easy access to information and possessing wisdom are two entirely different concepts, but most confuse them for being interchangeable.

Income inequality in the U.S. is at its highest level in more than 50 years,  even as the economy extends the longest expansion in the country’s history. New data from the U.S. Census Bureau show that the gulf between the highest earners and everyone else is the widest it’s been in at least 50 years.

Since 1995, and before, the income disparity in the United States has widened markedly. The internet may help a minority of the population, but the majority are not becoming empowered
Wealth disparities widen since 1995
Though 1989 predates the advent of the mainstream internet, this chart illustrates the same trend; the great unwashed masses (and alt-financial followers) continue to get poorer over time

Having easy access to information and possessing wisdom are two entirely different concepts, but most confuse them for being interchangeable.

Most people have fallen victim to the power of the internet

Those who know how to exploit others have found the internet a wonderful tool to enrich themselves at the expense of the others

“I think the Internet in its current incarnation is a confirmation bias machine… I worry that some of these technologies will be very useful to autocratic regimes to enforce their will.”

Jeff Bezos, October 2018

This man is laughing, because he cannot believe how easy it is to make money off the masses

The globalists exploit our confirmation biases to fracture society over relatively trivial issues. The shards of this fracture are effectively neutered in a sea of political correctness and made ineffectual. The new world order agenda is then allowed to steamroll through relatively unopposed.

With the internet, we freely give over to the globalists all of our personal information, our hopes, dreams, proclivities, foibles, and beliefs. They know us better than we know ourselves. They use the internet to develop trading and investing algorithms that exploit our weaknesses.

They then attach us to the shackles of debt and we allow them to take our birthright. For those drowning in a sea of personal red ink, they need to look in the mirror before blaming the government and Illuminati. Why do you think there is so much advertising on the web? Because it works and in ways that the sheeple can’t even comprehend. The “confirmation bias machine” of Jeff Bezos has rendered the average person completely unable to make sound long-term financial and personal decisions. Mr. Bezos didn’t become the wealthiest man (at least publicly) by being a nice guy. He exploits our weaknesses to get us to spend until we are beyond broke.

You may say that you use the internet to study economics and the new world order and that without it, you would have less understanding. That may be correct, but for every person like you, there are five others who are using it to learn how to cook methamphetamine.

You may think that the internet is the great information superhighway and that it has helped you to make money by spotting excellent investment opportunities over the decades. But for every person like you, there are 10 others who use it primarily to surf pornography.

How are you going to use the internet? Don’t use it like the rest of the consumer debt slaves. Use it to make truly wise financial and personal choices. We all have biases, but recognizing them is the most important step to overcoming. The decision is ours, but the internet gives us plenty of rope. Will you use it to climb or hang? Most choose the latter.

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