Understanding the spiritual element is our key to success

Understanding the spiritual aspect to this monetary system is key


You make insightful comments. To you it matters that faith is your guiding light. I enjoy checking in with you but wonder whether in bringing faith to the forefront you’re limiting your audience.


Here was my response (edited for grammar)

Our adversary doesn’t come out and show us his true colors. He feigns ineptitude and incompetence

Hi John,
Thanks for the email.

Indeed, I don’t expect much traction on the site, since my biblical hermeneutics can put off many. But, if someone is going to take exception, you would think that it would be based on my worldview. The ones who take exception base their contentions on a reprocessing of alt-financial doctrine, which has been largely incorrect.

My gestalt views on the economy and the monetary system are deeply related to my biblical analysis and both seem to be deeply intertwined. I don’t think I can separate them. This agenda goes very deep and my understanding of it relates a lot to scripture.

I look around and observe, and have to conclude that this system is very predictable if we consider what the Bible says. Knowing the Bible and Economics can be profitable, and in a way that we don’t have to market ourselves and step over others.

Satan is not going to come out and say “I am in charge and this is the system that will destroy the many.” People will riot overnight. He entraps the masses by having his adversary [you and I] continually underestimating his grip on power. Both mainstream and alt-media don’t seem to comprehend. [They say they know a lot about the satanic agenda, but disregard the biblical element]. Besides, knowing what I know, I live a life free of worry.

I get it though. I could try to drop the bible stuff and make it more “mainstream” alt-financial, but I guess there is something telling me to do what I do.

Thanks for stopping by.


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