October 6th Update – Yields resume their descent; We better find a way to make money in this system, because the alt-financial media will not show us

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-As expected, bond yields resume their downward trend. Despite the ECB talk of higher fiscal spending, bonds yields have, once again, begun to fall.
-The only thing that will collapse this system is higher than expected inflation. That’s it. The central banks can work monetary policy to go fully negative for years. Income-generating assets will continue rising in price.
-The student loan debt situation is not a debacle. It was carefully planned to keep the younger generations in debt slavery, so they didn’t cause higher inflation as monetary printing went parabolic. It’s impossible to create inflationary spikes when the world is servicing its debts. STAY OUT OF ALL DEBT THAT DOES NOT GENERATE OFFSETTING INCOME.
-If your views are as peculiar as mine, nobody will hire you to any gainful employment. You better figure out how to be financially successful in this system.
-Although my predictive accuracy is much higher than anyone else in the alt-financial media, the negative comments I receive are about 4x as much as the positive ones. People do not want to hear what I say.
-Listeners of the alt-financial media have an easy excuse to not work for the future. Why bother if things will fall apart? I am taking out another commercial line to pay off higher yielding ones and to buy another cash flow generating property.
-I don’t write for other websites anymore, because I am directed to write stuff with which I don’t subscribe. Moreover, the site editors heavily edit my work, because their readers won’t agree with it.
-I have never been offered an interview opportunity in the many years of my writing. Talk show hosts are disingenuous, because they have things to sell. Truth is always secondary; never forget that.
Here is a guy with many times more subscribers than I discussing where bond yields are going when the US 10-year touched 1.9%. Of course, he was completely wrong.
-I have been correct, because I know who is in control. If you are in your 20-40’s and believe the alt-financial narrative, I strongly suggest you redirect your mindset. When you are my age and older, you will no longer have the stamina to begin building something. The alt-media keep us from planning for the future.
-I see what has happened to those my age and older who bought into the Bill Cooper and ZeroHedge collapse stuff going back 10-30 years. They are on disability, broke, and asking others for help. They didn’t build anything. They traded the wrong way and invested in the worst performers.

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