Alt-media outlets like ZeroHedge not only give poor advice, but demoralize their readers

Outlets like ZeroHedge are designed to demoralize and impoverish

Once a population is demoralized, the rebuilding process can begin

On a long enough timeline, your net worth will be (less than) zero, and you will hate your own country

Note: This post comes on the heels of the alt-financial media’s apocalyptic “news” analysis regarding the Saudi drone attacks and their initial calls for $100 oil, skyrocketing gold prices, crashing stocks indexes, and economic crisis.

Last decade’s manufactured financial crisis achieved a number of objectives for the new world order elites. First, it helped to consolidate their power, wealth, and control over the population. Second, it left many financially demoralized. Third, the population became vulnerable to solutions that humans would not normally accept.


The process of demoralization operates simultaneously on all three levels, which I call for the sake of simplicity:

1) the level of IDEAS (consciousness);
2) the level of STRUCTURES (socio-political set up of a nation); and
3) the level of LIFE (which includes all the areas of MATERIAL existence of a nation, the ‘fibre of life’ so to say).


With respect to those who identify with what I consider the former truth movement, the financial demoralization process has been led by the anti-American/anti-Western outfit, Zerohedge. Its narrative has effectively won out and its influence cannot be overstated.

It’s easy to demoralize a population when they don’t know

You may think that this conclusion sounds harsh, but I must strongly disagree with any view to the contrary. As sobering as this may sound, I have observed that these alt-financial sites have forever rewired the minds of their readers and rendered them unable to make successful long-term financial decisions.

They told their readers to stay out of stocks and housing all decade, the dollar was toast, bonds would collapse, Russia and China would take over the world, etc. They recommended assets that ended up punishing their followers. I can think of commodities, Chinese stocks, silver, and all things that rise with a weak dollar. Although they correctly recommended bitcoin, their disingenuous shilling destroyed the wealth of more people than it built.

When I see ZeroHedge readers denigrating their own nations, I know the demoralization process is complete.

Now, much of their analysis is highly credible and that’s what makes these sources so sinister. But this was the end result; The followers of the alt-financial media stayed on the sidelines all decade as ZeroHedge offered up one reason after another that collapse was just around the corner. It really is heartbreaking to see, and believe me when I tell you; this was not by accident. A broke and spiritually demoralized resistance poses no threat to the new world order.

There is an overabundance of alt-media and alt-financial sites that parrot and mirror the anti-American propaganda that emanates from the toilets of ZeroHedge. If you are a fan of one of the many blogs that get picked up on ZeroHedge or regularly quote ZeroHedge, odds are you have been victimized by this demoralization. Most alt-financial bloggers are not intentionally demoralizing their readers, but will write whatever it takes to get picked up on the gold shill sites or ZeroHedge. It is an unconscious conforming.

This is the problem I see with the internet. Everyone is an expert with economics, finance, and politics, yet the average person gets poorer every year. I pray to God that there will be a turnaround, but I know there won’t be. When I see ZeroHedge readers denigrating their own nations, I know the demoralization process is complete.

I warn the reader to stay away from the sites that trash Western civilization and who call the United States satanic. The editors and writers of these sites know nothing about Jesus and are often not Christian, yet they seem to know so much about the devil. These stories work to externalize the hierarchy that has existed since Nimrod, as well as demoralize the reader.

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