Answering emails; Do you still believe shale oil is a scam?

I think you are right. Shale oil is looking better and better all the time. Exxon, Chevron, and BP are on to something. The whole Saudi thing is a wake-up call


Domestic shale oil looking better all the time

We need to start contemplating the economic ramifications of a global conflict scenario, because the Anglo-American elites and their companies are already way ahead of us.

Where do you think the United States will procure its energy in a post-WW III world? They will get it right here at home, and when their firms, with their zero-cost borrowings, are done buying up all the choicest fracking acreage, they will soak us forever. The best part is that fracking offers some of the best energy opportunities in a post economically-collapsed environment, since the start-up costs are a small fraction of traditional methods. But according to the alt-financial media, fracking is a myth, built on cheap rates.

Chris Pirnak, August 30th

The message is clear; sell your far-flung international oil assets and move home

Regardless of whoever was responsible for the Saudi drone attacks that sidelined almost half its oil capacity, the message is clear. In a global environment that is becoming less certain by the day, it is incumbent on the nation-states to seriously contemplate how they will procure their necessary resources to maintain themselves in a post-global conflict scenario or post-economically collapsed environment.

As I have been saying for the past couple years, domestic shale oil production will become more important over time for the United States, especially as we begin to enter more treacherous and uncertain times. While the alt-media proclaim that shale oil is an illusion, built on cheap money, I have maintained that the technology has improved markedly over the decade, and the break-even price points continue to move lower.

Moreover, as the United States continues to build its massive domestic energy empire, look for the U.S. dollar to continue to firm in value. Don’t hold onto that petrodollar myth.

Large, well-connected, globalist firms like XOM, CVX, and BP know the timeline better than we do, and are acting now to unload their far-flung assets to concentrate on the lower-48 inland region, where their only opposition are environmentalists.

As I have been saying all along, we need to disregard how the XOP and OIH are performing over the long-run, and concentrate on who is spending the big money for onshore oil assets in the lower-48. The globalist firms are spending tens of billions here and are using the cheapest money in human history to consolidate their wealth and control over the entire vertically-integrated sector. These firms have enough resources to build out their own pipelines, refineries, and transportation systems.

Which nation will be most able to survive a protracted global war?

While I agree with Joel Skousen’s theory that the Anglo-American globalists wish to coax China and Russia into offensively attacking the United States, I have to conclude that the U.S. is actually in the best position over the long-term to survive any protracted global conflict scenario.

The United States is basically energy independent and has plenty of farmland to produce any foodstuffs. China is too dependent on commodity imports and its population is too large. This is why China is feverishly building a track-and-trace grid for its consumer debt-slave population. In a global conflict scenario, China will have a lot of internal problems controlling its population. Russia’s population is too low and its land mass is too large. Russia’s transportation system is also too primitive and it does not have the long-term economic capacity to survive over the long-term without allies. The United States could ramp up its military production on domestic soil if need be.

In addition, if you are a remnant Christian, The United States still has a sizable Christian population. China was too busy killing about 100 million Christians last century and it will never be allowed to control the world outside its direct sphere.

The United States may have problems defending itself without the support of NATO, which is in the process of being dismantled. The EU is preparing for this war and will further concentrate on building its own army at the expense of its NATO status.

Regardless of the eventual outcome, the globalists and their firms will always stand to benefit.

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