September 14th Update – Bond markets and the central banks; Thoughts on the direction of gold and silver, stocks, commodities, and real estate

UPDATE: This podcast was recorded before I learned of the Saudi Arabian drone attacks. Oil will definitely receive a bid, as will gold and silver. Dynamics are fluid going into Sunday night trading

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-Despite dovish monetary policy announcements, these are the three (four) reasons why bond prices tanked

  1. The ECB is encouraging profligate fiscal spending,
  2. The U.S. is not about to enter any type of recession and domestic inflation is running a little hotter than anticipated,
  3. Investment grade corporate debt issuance swelled over the past couple weeks
  4. It was only a matter of time, based on an extremely overbought condition

-After the demoralization of the global investor in the wake of the 2008 manufactured collapse, the global elite could have implemented a number of policies, but chose the current one. We have been running it for a decade and I look for it to continue for years.
-Gold and silver fall hard on historically overbought conditions. Where I think they will move.
-Stocks will be well supported as the one-way trade of buying bonds and gold and silver falls apart.
-Commodity analysis

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