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-Many people ask me about recession and collapse. I see this continuing for years; all the way to eventual war. This past week and this weekend at the G7 summit, for the first time, President Trump crossed the line. His trade rhetoric reached a new level and is now irreversible. His calling Fed Chair an enemy of the state worse than Xi is too much for retraction.
-More thoughts on what the new world order currency will be when things finish spinning out of control.
-Why Donald Trump makes the perfect politician for the next phase of the new world order. The elites need to throw the concept of the nation-state into the trash heap of history, and Trump was the unknown quantity put into place to make that a reality.
-Trump would never have become president if he had been an elected politician previously. His true colors and personal instability would have manifested. No other politician would ever shamelessly embarrass himself like Trump can.
David Ricardo and the concept of comparative advantage.
-Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations.
-In theory, the international trade models have plenty of merit and I am not here to disagree with them. There are certainly limitations to them, especially if a nation’s objectives rise above just efficient consumption frontiers. It is vital that a nation maintain some sort of productive capacity.
-The engineers of the new world order have hijacked and exploited modern economy theory to suit their secret objectives.
-Economists refer to free trade as an excuse for the large multinational firms to exploit price differences between nations for shareholder profit. All nations are being leveled out, via the modern lie of free trade, into second world nations, including the United States.
-Tell me how free trade models help the United States when the U.S. runs monthly trade deficits of $50 billion.
-Gold analysis. My thoughts about the longer term.

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