8/19 podcast update – The elites need negative rates, so the goal is to suppress inflation and economic growth

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-I get asked this on a daily basis; What will it take for this current monetary policy scheme to fail? The answer is simple; Rising CPI and economic growth will destroy this monetary system.
-The goals of the elites and their central banks are antithetical to our goals. This open secret can never be revealed to the populace.
Stories like this will steer the reader in the wrong direction, while they serve the new world order agenda well.
-Central banks have succeeded by keeping CPI down. The central banks are succeeding by “Japanifying” the world. As of right now, the central banks are succeeding and are actually pulling it off right in front of the global population.
-The mainstream business and economic news needs to be grim all the time. The lower interest rates go the worse the economic news out of the mainstream and alt-financial press needs to be.
-Downbeat and dire news can become self-fulfilling, especially out of the mainstream outlets. The alt-financial dummies are always helping out with their grim “analysis.”
-The goal is negative rates and the more negative they go, the more successful the elites are in getting their new world order agenda pushed forward. If this mean destroying the economy in the process, so be it. The lower price growth and economic growth moves, the easier it is to keep the governments in business with the elites in control of the process.

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