August 15th Update – Profiting from the inevitable; With negative rates, we will pay the elites to buy up the world

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-Don’t believe the hype. Socialism can continue, and will continue to grow in popularity. Fully two generations have effectively rejected biblical teachings, so this new monetary and economic system is what the vast majority of people desire. The remnant can only look on now as observers.
-In a world of deflationary negative yields, wages will face growing downward pressure. Concomitantly, asset prices (housing) and costs of living (things that cannot be imported) will rise.
-Only the generated fear of catastrophe is what the elites need to keep this system going. There is no need of real crisis, and in fact, any organic crisis could set back the new world order agenda. Any true uncertainty would be a hindrance to the elites.
-The backfire effect in action; Martin Armstrong doubles down on his erroneous predictions. Ask Martin; if socialism was dead then why are bond yields falling?
-The drop in sovereign rates have little to do with impending recession. Don’t get caught up with all this talk of inverted yields and the reasons why bond prices are rising while yields fall.
-With negative rates, we are paying the elites to buy up the world
-My blog is designed to get the reader/listener to redirect his/her mindset when it comes to this new world order agenda
-Spotting opportunities to keep ahead.

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