August 7th Update – Answers to emails with more macroeconomic analysis; Where the world is heading and what I plan to do

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-I received about a dozen emails regarding yesterday’s podcast. I attempt to answer their concerns.
-My plans for a post economically-collapsed world. How I intend to survive.
-My macro-investment thesis. How to make money going forward. How I am preparing for a world of negative bond yields. The Fed will eventually have to cut to zero and below.

-Bond yields continue to fall in anticipation of what is to come; not from any upcoming recession. Australia is the first former Commonwealth to have their 10-year yield drop below 1%.
-If the central banks stopped buying debt, the governments would go bankrupt in 3-4 months. Yields would skyrocket.
-The U.S. may not be the best country in the world, but at least it is probably the cheapest when compared to a person’s income.
-As a saved man for about 18 years I have seen many articles written about the demise of the U.S. and Western culture. Articles written today could have a 2005 timestamp. I recall the dozens of hours of Bill Cooper’s shows from the late 80s-early 90s speaking of the same thing.
-The Christian obsession with the Satanic NWO agenda only works to externalize the hierarchy. Don’t get too caught up with it. I notice much of this discussion comes from non-Christian websites.
-Yuri Bezminov’s 30-year old interview discussed the demoralization of the West, not just the United States. Of course, the KGB didn’t cause that, but it is clear that the agenda was implemented.
-Trump is single-handedly causing this ongoing global financial market volatility. If Trump kept his mouth shut, the Fed wouldn’t have raised late last year and would have already cut 50-75 bps. The cuts have little to do with the U.S. economy and all to do with propping up the global financial system.
-Indeed, I am beginning to loathe Trump, and it has nothing to do with the Democrat philosophy. He drove ALL his former companies into bankruptcy and is now working his “art of the deal” mindset on the rest of the world.  I believe his disingenuous enablers are telling him what to do, which will work to disgrace those the mainstream media have conflated with his agenda (e.g. patriot media).

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