August 5, 2019 Update – My observations; Recent events seem to be part of the larger agenda

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Manufactured Trade tensions:
-The Chinese yuan falls below 7 on the USD. This market action is just another reason why the yuan will never become an important reserve currency in its present form. The Chi Comm system is centrally-planned from stem to stern and any firm of importance is Party controlled.
-Trump was not alone when he formulated his August 1st tariff tweet storm. According to a Zero Hedge article, which named its sources, Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin (Skull & Bones); NEC Director, Larry Kudlow; and Trump’s COS were present when Trump formulated his tweets.
-This indicates that Trump has less latitude than previously thought. He is serving an important function and is there to create international tension. He is the figurehead that takes the blame. If the world will eventually go to war, it is vital that Trump get reelected. Career politicians would be less inclined to perform this role.
-When the markets fall to the bottom of the monthly trading channel, the TPTB have breakthrough trading talks. When stocks hit the top of the range, the trade talks fall apart.

Bond yields continue to fall:
-Markets still functioning. Sovereign yields continue to fall. Australian 10-year about to take out 1.00% and is currently at all time lows.

Peculiar Timing of the Problems with Fed Management and PPT:
-Problems in the Fed seem to be rising. Jerome Powell is in over his head and is vulnerable to personal attacks from Trump. The other former Fed chiefs are all members of the tribe and would never be on the receiving end of Trump’s ire.
-The management shakeup at the NY Fed couldn’t have come at a worse time.
-Traditional Fed shill, Bloomberg, publishes peculiarly-timed articles regarding the low morale and poor management in the New York Fed Branch. The NY Fed carries out the market operations and is the most important branch in the Fed system.

Large oil plays consolidate their domestic power:
Exxon, Chevron move to dominate Permian as smaller players pull back. Only the big players will rule domestic shale oil with low costs of capital.

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