July 22nd Update – A social commentary and why there will be no collapse for now

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-Zero Hedge began posting on Twitter back in January 2009. Almost to the month of the market bottoms. Was this by coincidence? Hardly.
-A commentary of the false Christian prophets who are very influential over the unwitting Christians who think we need a collapse and war to get the new world order in place.
-These false prophets could be Freemasons who redirect their followers into looking for a catastrophe, while the real catastrophe has been degrading humanity daily for decades.
-The central banks will keep things moving forward. Their owners are achieving more by maintaining this illusion of prosperity. Besides, they will get the blame.
-I look for higher asset prices. Regardless of whether the Fed lowers by 25 bps or 50, the trend is higher. Don’t kid yourself. If the Fed drops by 50 bps, look for the Dow to pop 500 higher.
-All nations are looking to the Fed. Even the African nations are desperate for the Fed to drop rates.
-I never read in the Bible that we need an economic collapse to get the end time government in place. In fact, I read biblical descriptions of the last day’s economy and they read like what we are currently experiencing.
-Real estate bargains still are around. Don’t buy in the bubble areas. Nations like Canada and Australia have allowed foreigners to more easily launder money into real estate than in the U.S. Here, price/income multiples and price/rent numbers domestically still look reasonable, if you can tune out the likes of Zero Hedge and Steve Quayle. I can still buy condos that generate a cap rate of at least 10%, with tenants making 100k/year.
-At some level, I have to conclude that based on their behavior and Delphi techniques, the internet prophets are doing the work of their father, the devil. Many must be Freemasons. I am sure that many of my readers know who they are. They have been wrong for years, yet they have a following who possess a hard-to-break confirmation bias.
-This unwitting base has gotten poorer and poorer. It has little to do with the fact that they follow Jesus, and more with the fact that they are being duped by charlatans.

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