Housing “experts” whitewash the real causes behind the affordable housing crisis

Affordable housing advocates never look at the two elephants in the room

Check out this article from Inman News titled, Why It’ll Take A Village To Solve Housing Affordability Woes (I downloaded the article as a pdf, as it is behind a paywall). The author argues that “everyone needs to engage in the search for the formula that creates affordable housing.” She even goes as far as to call the affordable housing issue a “complex problem.”

I do not see the problem as being a complex one. The problem is actually very easy to solve.  The author says that we all need to help out. But I ask; is this my responsibility? Is it yours? No, not anymore. I tell people all the time about how to cure this housing crisis, but most want no part of the conversation. Many of the people who disagree with my assessment stand to lose if we overturn the status quo. You and I are not causing the problem, but we are being held as its victims and perpetrators at the same time. Talk about new world order double-mindedness.

The pressure is growing as we see more homeless people on our streets and as more middle- and upper-class families realize their children can’t afford their own housing. This new level of urgency has encouraged corporate giants like Wells Fargo, Google and Microsoft to throw their weight behind the problem.

Yet a complex problem requires a complex solution, and the question remains: Is this enough to solve our housing problem?

The U.S. has a shortage of 7 million homes for renters whose household incomes are at or below the poverty guideline, according to the National Low-Income Housing Coalition’s annual report. Despite this, the majority of houses built over the past five years have catered to the mid-high and high-end of the market.

Cost burdened Americans are sacrificing their health for their homes: Nearly a third of U.S. households paid more than 30 percent of their incomes in 2016.

Why it’ll take a village to solve housing affordability woes – Inman News, July 2nd

The experts are compromised, so no real solutions will ever be proffered
Subsidies and social spending only increase prices for everyone else

Imagine if this housing “expert” discussed the real issues behind the affordable housing crisis. What would happen to the author’s standing if she criticized the government’s spendthrift ways, which were enabled by the owners of the Federal Reserve? The resulting fiscal and monetary policies have been a disaster to the working class, and are the primary causes of the explosion in asset values. This has driven up house prices, rents, and property taxes. Owner-occupied real estate has become nothing more than a costly millstone for ten of millions of households.

Imagine if this author contemplated how the nation’s open-borders policies have worked to crowd out many wanna-be home owners. These people who were born in the country can no longer afford to own a home.

I know what would happen to this housing “expert” if she spoke the truth about what is causing the affordable housing debacle. She would lose all her funding and would never be hired anywhere in the real estate industry. Her money depends on her being willfully ignorant of the real causes behind the affordable housing crisis. Instead, she is trying to solicit corporate sponsors, while claiming the whole dynamic is a complex matter.

I have an easy solution. We discuss them everyday, but they will never see the light of day. The owners of the central banks want it this way. Their compromised experts and shills will never discuss the real causes and the problems will grow so large that government socialist policy will eventually take over and control the entire sector. I see the existing solutions to the housing crisis only making it worse, which is the plan all along. Welcome to the new world order.

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