A link to an edited article I wrote about the inevitability of Facebook’s Libra

I continue to receive a lot of emails regarding Facebook’s Libra. I have attached a link to an edited article I wrote today for publication regarding my analysis and why I think the Libra is the only Hegelian dialectic alternative I see in the future. I think I am the only one with this conclusion.


Clearly, there are many who do not agree, but their opinions are based on disbelief and the argument from incredulity. They cannot imagine how people would allow Facebook to control money. But I say that the Libra project is taking a thorough and well-thought approach to its roll out. There will be 2.5 billion people who will not care at all and as many as two billion potential users in lesser-developed nations who will eventually embrace this stable store of value. The price point of the technology required is low enough that even the poorest can participate.

Much of the material has already been discussed, but I add more research here. I also think that this has huge investment potential; not only for Facebook, but for all its major sponsors.

I think that most non-Christians will find all this hard to believe, but the plan of the new world order is to completely undermine all nation-state sovereignty and to place all government functions into corporate control. That includes the money supply.

We are getting closer every year and the agenda is speeding up.

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