Overcoming the alt-financial non sequiturs to get ahead; Some important advice

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-An analysis of a CNBC article about how more Americans are falling further behind. The mainstream economists are at a loss for words, while the alt-financial gurus say the monetary system that is the cause is about to collapse.
-Alt-financial non-sequitur; The alt-media analysts say the system was designed 100 years ago to level the wealth around the world and that the 1st-world nations will be knocked down to 2nd world status. Now that it is happening, they are all claiming that it can’t continue and that it’s about to blow up (alt-media from the early 1990’s proclaimed this same inconsistency). The alt-media personalities are either working for other people or actually believe their advice. Either way they were the system’s victims.
-How can a so-called expert in the alt-financial media claim to know so much about the monetary system, yet lose his shirt and get involved in losing investments?
-Some timely advice on how to get ahead, regardless of talent level.
-Imagine how much money some of Trump’s buddies must make if they know he will send out bearish or bullish tweets over a weekend. For instance, if I knew on a Friday that Trump was going to bash China over the weekend, I would have sold off dozens of S&P emini’s prior to market close. This stuff goes on all the time.
-Never listen to anyone in the business media. Ray Dalio has business to gain in China, so he gushes all over the ChiCom government. Jeff Gundlach tells the world he is long gold, so he can shill it while he dumps his profitable position. Cramer talks stocks that his buddies want him to shill. Gold shills promote collapse, so they sell you gold at high markups.

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