Response to an email; This monetary system is sustainable, since “unconventional” is now conventional

“Unconventional” is conventional in the new monetary system and the global investors approve

I’m with you, Chris. Why would the new Tower of Babel in Basel, Switzerland collapse the world market? They are close to owning all the world’s assets.

Keep the dumb down masses scared of collapse, while the elite are buying up the remainder of assets.

Kind of looks like the depicted pictures of the Tower of Babel. I think just about every central bank minus a couple of them is represented here.

V – Canada

Here was my response (edited for grammar);

I speak against those [in the alt-financial media] who employ the argument from incredulity. I say this because I observe this new monetary system as being sustainable.

The vast majority of people cannot quantify the real costs of “free” money. Thus, it didn’t cost them anything.

Earlier in the decade it was nearly impossible to tell whether this system was going to fall apart or not. My two primary concerns were:

1) the central banks needed to maintain their legitimacy [in the face of potentially hyperinflationary unconventional monetary policy] and

2) whether the global pool of investors were going to accept this unconventional monetary policy as a normal course of action.

Fast forward to a decade later, and it is clear that not only do the global investors accept it, but they actually embrace it.

Here’s a monetary system in which everyone can have their cake and eat it, too. With this new monetary system, people can spend without inflation growth, governments can continue going into further debt with little concern for deficits and higher interest rates, investors expect and will receive an explicit backstop for asset prices, and the New World Order agenda can move forward.

It is so satanic and devilish, but it is actually a very sustainable system. I submit that this is the end times system. We probably will have some blockchain thrown into it and Facebook coins may be the future. But notice that these Facebook coins are pegged to [existing] currencies.

The collapsers are getting it wrong. But these novices and charlatans fill a void to those who can not believe, or refuse to believe, that this system can sustain itself. I am here to completely disagree as functionally it can easily continue.

If I were a charlatan trying to make money, I would get more subscribers and monetized media if I preached gloom and collapse.

This system promotes poor behavior and the true costs are nearly impossible to quantify

Many personality disorders are egosyntonic, which makes their treatment difficult as the patients may not perceive anything wrong and view their perceptions and behavior as reasonable and appropriate.

Egosyntonic behavior – Wikipedia

Don’t get me wrong; the costs of this new monetary system are profound, but unquantifiable. It promotes everything that is ungodly. It encourages reckless speculation and spending, disingenuity, slothfulness, as well as egosyntonic behavior. At the same time, it discourages saving, prudence, temperance, economy, and Godliness. It’s perfect for the current state of humanity and the people wouldn’t have it any other way.

The ones who most directly bear the costs come from a particular category. Ask anyone who has no income-generating assets and lives in a formerly first-world nation, like the United States, Canada, or England. Ask anyone who has earned wages as their only source of income. These are the people who pay the direct costs of this new end-time Talmudic system. Those with the assets or who are from the poorer or second-world nations will do better. The vast majority of a reprobate humanity actually ostensibly benefits from this system. It’s the wage earners in the former first world nations who are falling further behind. And as luck would have it, these are the people who primarily populate the alt-financial media.

Karl Marx said religion is the opiate of the masses, but I submit that government largesse is the opiate of the people.

This monetary system is very devilish, so the New World Order elites cannot come out and say this is a very stable system, because most will then view it as what it really is. So the only way it can be built is through uncertainty, fear, and doubt. As time goes on, those who wake up to it and profess collapse will be viewed as outliers and seditious. You will have to go along with it and you will not be able to criticize it. If it does collapse, the most vocal critics will get the blame.

With this said, the central banks now control the whole system and have completely reinvented the monetary system without anyone waking up to this fact. As long as inflation remains low, the central banks can buy up everything with printed money. There will be no way that the system’s critics can convince people who are the recipients of government social largess. Whether the benefits accrue from tax cuts or social spending, the majority who directly benefit will vehemently disagree with its detractors.

Don’t even waste your time trying to explain how this new end-time monetary system covertly destroys lives; the 90% of the population who can measure their benefits will have no part in that discussion. They are too busy trying to spend and receive their free money.

This system is here to stay.

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