June 6th Market Update – A response to some emails and a warning to those who take the advice of the alt-financial media

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-A response to a few emails
-A warning to the alt-financial followers. A warning to the alt-financial “experts”
-Some macro predictions
-Why bring out a new monetary system when the current one represents little of what the system of 50 years ago looked like? The elites already brought it out into full view.
-The futurists of 80-150 years ago explained how the future economy would operate. Wake up, we are here. This is the end time system. It will just slowly transform into the finished product. No need for collapses.
-For at least 50% of the population in the Western nations, the monetary system has effectively collapsed… for them.
-For the majority of humanity, this system suits them fine as their standards of living have risen. I see China, India, SE Asia, all doing better under this NWO. All the former 1st world nations are moving toward second nation status. The futurists discussed this leveling process and most of their agenda from 100 years ago has been accomplished, while the “unwashed” washed screamed collapse.
-What better way for the elites to achieve their goal, but by having their critics continually underestimating them.
-The Art of War is just a bunch of empty platitudes to most in the alt-media, because these so-called “washed” people, who can recite entire passages of that book, were never able to comprehend their adversary’s power, while constantly underestimating their enemy’s abilities. They already lost and still think their enemy is about to fold.

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