June 2nd Market Update – Beware of more dovish Fed policy. Trump theater designed for more rate cuts

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-Bond and stock analysis.
-Market predictions, given the chart and market action.
-2.1% UST 10-year getting close. Predicting interest rate movements is easy when one knows the conspiracy for the global financial dictatorship and can properly interpret central banks actions.
-Beware of Fed emergency actions. Don’t fall in love with the downside
-Trump’s actions provide cover for the U.S. Fed to begin cutting the Fed funds rate.  I see the patterns and make connections and have to believe that Trump is doing this to make certain the Fed acts. The Fed is happy and its owners probably think Trump is doing a fine job forwarding the NWO agenda.
-Trump’s opponents seem to be making sure he gets reelected.
-Gold market analysis
-Until further notice, I am trading BTC, ETH, LTC, and the the other “currency” alts from the long side.
-Oil market and the XOP; a tag team of telegraphing. Russia’s oil output continues to drop while prices fall.
-A response to an email. I am not an expert on the grains, softs, and trops, and normally stay away from analyzing them, but I have to believe that a lot of the current weather and ebola swine flu is priced in. The long-term trends in the grains have been down and many have been caught offside.
-My concern is that when the common refrain in the farm sector is that of catastrophe, I have to believe the upside is limited. I am just being a contrarian.
-The internet and wealth inequality. More proof that the internet is not good for those who cannot leave their biases and predilections at the door.

-Links to media and articles
Russia’s May oil output hits 11-month low on dirty oil crisis
Gold COT chart
UST 10-year COT Chart
Share of top 1% wealthiest increased to nearly 32% in 2018 from 23% in 1989

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