Response to a subscriber email; Chaos is part of the plan

I received an email in response to my weekend’s podcast.

Interesting podcast. Here are some observations I came across.

-Netflix is global; importing their satanic agenda worldwide.
-Trump and Kim are all working, along with Putin and Iranian leaders for the same group. They are all showpiece puppets.
-High end real estate here in Canada and Australia have taken a hit. The low end here in Vancouver and Toronto , under 1.5 million is doing o.k. They dropped mortgage rates here, as to not crash the markets.
-The B.O.C has gone from a positive outlook last year to a negative one quickly. No new interest rate hikes.
– Haven’t watched T.V in many years. Don’t find the new shows entertaining. Too much reality shows, satanic sorcery shows, sarcastic cartoons.
– looking at vacation destinations. Can’t believe the hotel prices in the California coast. $200 U.S for a motel 6 in Santa Barbara in July. Crazy.

V – Toronto

Indeed, to the untrained eye, the current state of affairs looks untenable. But, I submit that this is part of the overall agenda.

There are a number of well-learned scholars in the remnant Christian community and truther movement who do a good job analyzing and researching the Illuminati and its sprawling structure of secret societies.  It is a good idea to discuss these matters as it is important to understand how we need to respond to our adversaries. But, one of the primary conclusions many of these researchers make presents me with a non sequitur.

Specifically; These researchers have established that these secret societies and these elites are in control of the governments and central banks, and by extension, all the major economic sectors. Yet, as events unfold, many claim that things are spinning out of control. If we truly want to comprehend this agenda for the new world order, we have to figure that perhaps as this system evolves into an even more satanic one, good people will marvel at its lack of sustainability. But this system is built for a degraded humanity and that population dwarfs the good. Moreover, the degraded portion continues to grow much larger every day.

So, as this agenda unfolds, we observe the people and events surrounding  Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the Tariff dilemma, and the ostensible impending catastrophe in the monetary system. Most will conclude that things are about to implode. It is a non sequitur because on one hand, these researchers know the plan for staged chaos and will comprehend that these secret societies control all organs of society, government, and the economy. While on the other hand, observe the chaos and conclude that the elites are losing control.

This plan is well orchestrated and though it is most likely not being carried out consciously by the puppet front men, it is engineered by some guiding force. Perhaps these political and monetary authorities are just carrying out orders, but it does seem highly coincidental that they were all being carried out at the same time.

With respect to the economy and monetary system; most alt-financial researchers employ the gambler’s fallacy to conclude that asset prices will fall, inflation and bond yields will rise, the monetary system will collapse, and the dollar is toast. But it continues to be held together. It just looks flimsy from the outside and I submit that this is just part of its ingenious design. I see a probable scenario where a growing number of “have-nots” will fall further and further behind. This will form the large slave-class of the new world order.

So, I have learned to accept this chaos as part of the plan. From what I have researched since 2003, it is going as scripted. There is only one aspect of this plan that has surprised me; it is taking far longer than I anticipated. The Bible does say that Satan would wear out the patience of the most high. How true….


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