May 11th Market Update – My observations that point to a managed world; Important bitcoin update

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-My observations with respect to the stock market. When the markets were falling apart late last year, I took note of certain events. All the authorities were coming together and burying the hatchet.

  • the U.S. Fed drastically altered its monetary policy outlook,
  • the ongoing tariff problems lessened and the prospects for a viable solution brightened,
  • All was quiet on the North Korea front,
  • The ex-Fed monetary authorities (Yellen, Greenspan, Bernanke, etc.) stopped talking down the markets.

-Since the major averages moved back to their former highs, the Fed has been backtracking somewhat, the tariffs dilemma has heated up drastically, and N.K. is testing missiles again.
-This type of timeline of events tells me that there is a scripted agenda that transcends what we are being told. This also tells me that TPTB want markets at a high enough level, so when the agenda moves forward and  things get dicey, they fall from a higher level.
-US Treasury yields fell in time for the Spring real estate selling season. What auspicious timing….
-As long as the U.S. Treasury is pumping out over a trillion dollars a year in new Treasuries, most markets have only one way to go  over the longer term. Up.
-The U.S. markets and the dollar are still the go-to for me.
-Inflation is my only concern and only the U.S. is showing some signs of wage growth. I doubt it will be an issue. If it does become a problem, the elites will sink the financial markets and return yields to a lower level. But there is no need for now.
-Never short companies like TSLA, UBUR, NFLX. They perform important tasks for the new world order and are pushing the envelope for everyone else to follow. The elites can create companies worth hundreds of billions and prop them up – even if they have poor financials.
-Negative yields in Japan and Germany are just a glimpse into the future. The markets are still functioning normally here in the U.S.; yields fell as stocks got hit.
Important cryptocurrency update. How to stay focused when markets move. Don’t make the mistake of trying to find a reason why markets move. The media publish stories that try to make connections. But this is simple and linear. The market and chart action tell the story.
Hindsight bias explained. The alt-financial media is littered with Monday-morning quarterbacks.

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