Response to subscriber; If I were a psychopath, I would become a Christian preacher

How I would maximize my damage to humanity

Note: we shouldn’t be surprised with anything we see. While we waited for collapse, the world has been transformed right in front of us, and our entire society and its philosophy have been reconstructed. Why have a collapse now when most of what was considered normal 50 years ago no longer applies? This rebuilding included the remaking of the mainline Christian church into an organ of expediency and convenience.

The president of a seminary founded in 1836 on the “infallible” Word of God says in a new interview she doesn’t believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ, the power of prayer, a literal heaven, or miracles.

Serene Jones, president of Union Theological Seminary in New York, made the comments in an interview with Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times for an article published Easter weekend. Although the author’s intent may have been to inspire readers, it also served to spotlight the leftward drift of many seminaries.

Seminary President Admits She Doesn’t Believe in Heaven, Miracles or Christ’s Resurrection – Christian Headlines, April 25th

I received an email yesterday from a reader and wanted to share it with you. The reader, Tracy, forwarded an article titled, Seminary President Admits She Doesn’t Believe in Heaven, Miracles or Christ’s Resurrection.

Here was my response to her:

I do not get surprised with any of this stuff. In fact, I no longer really read much of it. [Not because it isn’t important, but because it is already obvious].

If I were a psychopath, I wouldn’t be breaking into people’s houses and murdering. If I were a psychopath, I would run for political office, get a badge and a gun, or wear a judicial robe.

Perhaps I would become a high-powered attorney or a CEO of a large corporation. Psychopaths with high IQs move up the ladders of influence. Maybe I would become a cold, heartless medical doctor.

[Perhaps I would appear in the alt-financial media as an expert who would preach collapse, while I sold millions of dollars a year in useless services to my scared followers].

If I were a Jesus hater and wanted to inflict maximum damage on the souls here on this planet Earth, I would become a priest or a cardinal in the Catholic Church. Perhaps I would move up the ladders of influence and become the Pope.

I would maybe become a well-known preacher and appear on TV telling people that Jesus loves everybody and that we are all the same. I would be talking about having the best life here on this planet Earth. I would misquote scripture and say that condoning sodomite marriages is what Jesus would do. Perhaps I would tell my followers that Jesus would be a socialist today.

Most importantly, I would tell my followers that the concept of hell is just an allegory, and that it doesn’t exist.

If you are a Christian, like I am, does any of this stuff sound familiar? If I were a member of a secret society and gave my life over to Satan, perhaps I would become the preacher of a church down the street who would promote yoga and meditation to it unwitting worshipers. I would say that only people like Stalin or Hitler go to hell.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Matthew 10:16

I think you get the picture. The world is run by the secret societies and psychopaths move up the levers of power. When I read business psychology articles discussing that psychopathy can be a beneficial attribute for business executives, I think we have already reached the obvious point in humanity’s transformation.

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