Martin Armstrong continues to mislead the naive, so he can sell his trading services

Armstrong says we need to use his Socrates service to survive
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A stopped clock is right twice a day

To keep up on the latest disingenuous catastrophe shill and warn my readers of the latest clickbait stories and fear-based advertisements and copywriting, I scan the alt-financial media sites when my stomach can handle it. In a world where the ostensibly objective blogger is only a self-serving copywriter, we need to use caution with just about anything we come across on the internet. Here is a blog post I came across earlier today from Martin Armstrong titled, Bank of Japan & the Bond Crisis.

The Great Financial Unknown is now upon us. After 10 years of Quantitative Easing, the European Central Bank (ECB) in Europe owns 40% of the national debts in the EU and it can neither sell them nor stop buying without creating a Panic in Interest Rates. Likewise, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) owns between 70% and 80% of the ETF bond market in Japan.

Bank of Japan & the Bond Crisis – Martin Armstrong, April 26th

It gets better. Armstrong says the BOJ has admitted that it has destroyed the bond market, yet I do not see this admission in the BOJ announcement.

The statement at the end of the announcement on the last page on its monetary policy has left traders in shock. This appears that the BoJ realizes that it now effectively has destroyed its bond market and realizes that there is not only the end of a free market, but there is a contagion of surrounding lack of liquidity.

Bank of Japan & the Bond Crisis – Martin Armstrong, April 26th

The great unknown is indeed upon Martin Armstrong, because his predictions over the past several years have been incorrect with respect to interest rates and most other asset classes that are priced off the yield curve. Of course, he neglects to tell the naive reader, who believes what he spews as objective fact, that he is just shilling his portfolio of trading and investing services. The sensationalism is there to create the need and reel-in the customer.

We have discussed that the BOJ has been successfully employing various types of QE programs for about 25 years. Despite Japan’s pitiful demographics, their monetary system somehow holds it together.

Armstrong is just a master showman and has figured out that the more he scares you the better chance he has of upselling his expensive services. I have been reading his blog since just after the 2013 gold crash and he has been warning of sovereign debt catastrophe for six years.

Both the ECB and the BoJ are completely trapped. They have destroyed their respective bond markets meaning they can no longer even tolerate a free market with respect to interest rates. They cannot stop buying government debt for there is no bid at these rates. We are far beyond every economic theory ever contemplated.

Bank of Japan & the Bond Crisis – Martin Armstrong, April 26th

What a profound concept, Mr. Armstrong. We have been discussing this idea on my blog for free for years. Our point is that this was not unintentional – it was all part of the agenda.

How we deal with this government-created financial crisis will be extremely interesting. This is were opinion will just not suffice. There is no reference in history to turn to. This is where Socrates can guide us through the absolute chaos that we face.

Bank of Japan & the Bond Crisis – Martin Armstrong, April 26th

It’s interesting, because Armstrong always talks of cycles and that his services demonstrate how to profit from his observation of these cycles. Yet he tells us there has never been anything like this in history, so we need to subscribe to his Socrates service for guidance. Of course, you see the circular argument.

I admit that Armstrong was correct on the U.S. dollar and the domestic stock market, so I give credit when it’s due. But we have been discussing the same strategy for years. Plus, we got the direction of interest rates correct. I also tell you that the governments are not the perpetrators in this instance. The governments are the victims in some respects and are just the customer service windows for the elite owners of the central banks.

It is impossible to fully trust investment advice, including Armstrong’s, if:

  • They do not see that there is a design behind this and they discount, out of hand, any talk of conspiracy,
  • Are trying to sell any trading or investment services.

The best part of my blog is that it’s free of any conflict of interest and we have been making money. Since I started writing for Henry Makow in 2013, I have been making enough money to never have to work again. I told the readers exactly what I was doing. My goal is to have my readers achieve the same result. If I listened to Armstrong’s advice I would have made a lot less money and would given him money and credibility.

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