A subscriber asks, how much longer can this continue?

Lies, fear, and gaslighting fuel the new world order
The true vertical depths of many oil wells are over 20,000 feet. That is a long way down for living matter to become petroleum. Could it be that oil is not really a fossil fuel?

The foundation of the new world order is built on fear, uncertainty, and sophistry. The common falsehoods that power the new world order are injected into the system to create cognitive dissonance and double-mindedness. When these lies are repeated enough they become conventional wisdom and are accepted as truth.

I received an email from a subscriber:

Hello sir,

[I] just listened to your podcast and read some of your articles. I agree with you that websites such as Zero Hedge and people like Martin Armstrong must be taken with a grain of salt.

I don’t disagree with you that they will continue to inflate the financial [markets] making life ever more difficult for everyday people. My question for you is where do resource constraints fit into your viewpoint on all this?

All of this would end it seems to me as oil becomes more difficult to be had at a cheap price or the dollar loses its reserve currency. Any viewpoints on the recent upsurge in populist politics? I know both have been co-opted by larger interests, but at some point it seems that people will catch on.

Thank you for your time.

I get it; these were concerns of mine in the past. So, let’s look at a few of the lies promoted by the NWO. These ideas may seem trivial to some, but they have been key in getting many aspects of the control mechanisms of the NWO in place.

Peak oil has already been delayed over 40 years
Despite calls since the 1950’s to the contrary, world oil production continues to grow. The globalists scare us all the way up.

My former, unwashed self used to believe that oil and natural gas were produced biotically. I never doubted the media and my biology teachers; they are the experts. I was conditioned to assume that hydrocarbons were the byproduct of formerly living organisms. Of course this concerned me, since it meant we would soon run out of oil and gas, and the economy and our way of life would collapse forever.  Now that I understand how the new world order operates, some simple observations will refute these silly ideas.

According to Wikipedia; in 1956, M. King Hubbert created and first used the models behind peak oil to predict that United States oil production would peak between 1965 and 1971.

In 1956, Hubbert calculated that the world held an ultimate cumulative of 1.25 trillion barrels, of which 124 billion had already been produced. He projected that world oil production would peak at about 12.5 billion barrels per year, sometime around the year 2000. He repeated the prediction in 1962. World oil production surpassed his predicted peak in 1967 and kept rising; world oil production did not peak on or near the year 2000, and for the year 2012 was 26.67 billion barrels, more that twice the peak rate Hubbert had projected back in 1956.

Each subsequent peak oil scenario attempts to reconcile the NWO agenda of manufactured scarcity with hard data. The world is awash in oil and production continues to grow. It seems that oil and natural gas are the only two earthly resources that never seem to be depleted. The global consumption of hydrocarbons continues to escalate, because they are still relatively inexpensive to produce. If their costs rise further, the world possesses the technology to transfer its power consumption to some other source.  But why bother when the cheap hydrocarbon sources seem to grow?

Shell probably holds the record for the deepest (by true vertical depth) well for commercial oil production at their Stones project. Operating in around 2,900 metres (9,500 feet) of water, it produces oil and gas from reservoirs around 8,077 metres (26,500 feet) below sea level with a current production of around 50,000 barrels of crude per day. While there are many other oil wells with total lengths that far exceed this distance, this takes into account their horizontal lengths.

Regardless, Soviet geologists as far back as the 1960’s determined that most of their oil was of mineral form, which meant that the oil was produced abiotically. While there were microbial markers, they theorized that it was contamination. Thus, much of the drilling in the former Soviet Union and after was purposely designed to take advantage of this. Moreover, the Soviet geologists observed that many of their deep oil reservoirs seemed to replenish themselves after a few years.

In the West, there have been numerous reports in recent times of oil and gas fields not running out at the expected time, but instead showing a higher content of hydrocarbons after they had already produced more than the initially estimated amount. This has been seen in the Middle East, in the deep gas wells of Oklahoma, on the Gulf of Mexico coast, and in other places.

It is this apparent refilling during production that has been responsible for the series of gross underestimates to reserves that have been published time and again. The most memorable instance being the one during the early-1970’s OPEC crisis that firmly predicted the world would exhaust its oil and gas reserves by the late 1980’s; a prediction that produced a manufactured energy crisis and with that a huge shift in the wealth of nations.

Keep in mind that the OPEC crisis of the 1970’s was designed to help establish the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. Since the OPEC nations agreed to transact in the greenback, the United States needed to run structural deficits to supply the world with its currency. The elites of the new world order were able to flood the world with the dollar when oil prices skyrocketed.

Refilling oil reservoirs once thought to be depleted is an item of the greatest economic significance and also a key to understanding the sources of all this petroleum. There is no way that biotic oil, oil produced from previously living matter can replenish these sources so quickly.

NASA says Titan’s hydrocarbon reserves are 300x the earth’s

According to Cassini data, scientists announced on February 13, 2008, that Titan hosts within its polar lakes “hundreds of times more natural gas and other liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth.” The desert sand dunes along the equator, while devoid of open liquid, nonetheless hold more organics than all of Earth’s coal reserves. It has been estimated that the visible lakes and seas of Titan contain about 300 times the volume of Earth’s proven oil reserves

Lakes of Titan – Wikipedia

I didn’t know that Titan had so much living matter. Perhaps Titan’s hydrocarbon reserves were produced some other way.

Malthusian theory has been wrong for over 200 years, but is still viewed by many as valid
Malthus drafted up his theory 220 years ago, but he failed to account for the growth in farming efficiencies and technologies and failing fertility rates
Crop prices continue to lag inflation as harvest yields continue to climb

According to Wikipedia, Thomas Robert Malthus believed there were two types of “checks” that in all times and places kept population growth in line with the growth of the food supply: “preventive checks”, such as moral restraints and restricting marriage against persons suffering poverty or perceived as defective, and “positive checks”, which lead to premature death such as disease, starvation and war, resulting in what is called a Malthusian catastrophe. The catastrophe would return population to a lower, more “sustainable”, level. Malthusianism has been linked to a variety of political and social movements, but almost always refers to advocates of population control.

While the mindset of Malthusianism continues to hold sway with many in positions of power, it has been shown to be inaccurate, since there has been a marked reduction in the global human fertility growth rate. At the same time, there have been tremendous advances in agricultural and livestock raising techniques.

Many modern Malthusian proponents still believe that the basic concept of population growth eventually outstripping resources is still fundamentally valid, and “positive checks” are still likely in humanity’s future if there is no action to curb population growth. Hence, we get the calls by many of the elites for forced birth control via food, vaccines, etc.

Livestock producer prices have consistently lagged inflation for decades.

Perhaps, sometime in the not-so-distant future, Malthus will be vindicated. But, based on the prices of crops and livestock, there is still more than enough food for everyone in the world. In fact, based on the accelerating global obesity rate, there is too much food supply.

The U.S. dollar has a number of attributes that make it a viable currency reserve

The United States is now the world’s energy powerhouse and this trend will only reinforce itself over the next several years. Ask Chevron what they thought when they proposed buying Anadarko Petroleum for $50 billion – a nearly 40% premium to market. The extraction technology grows mightily and the energy producing areas in the United States that were once thought to be depleted have been miraculously replenished. I have lived in NM and CO and seen firsthand how oil prospecting has exploded. This is for real. All those dollars will be needed to buy U.S. oil.

This is one of the three primary reasons why I am dollar bullish. The second reason is structurally specific to the monetary system. The US dollar in its role as a reserve necessitates many foreigners to borrow in dollars. That keeps the dollar well supported as there are not enough dollars overseas to pay off the loans. This system is so ingenious as it produces an artificial dollar shortage. We see how the U.S. dollar index has been well supported all throughout this decade-long manufactured crisis.

The third reason why the dollar is well supported at these levels has to do with the U.S. economy and its relative strong performance when compared to the other developed nations. The U.S. can afford higher interest rates, because of its vibrant economic growth and elevated asset markets. Despite the Fed funds rate’s historically low level versus the economy, the Fed has more flexibility with regards to monetary policy. This interest rate differential has supported the dollar all decade and I do not see this trend ending any time soon.

There really is no place else to go right now. I know the alt-financial media followers have been conditioned to hate the dollar and the Fed, but when we look at the other currencies out there, the dollar is actually the best of the lot. The Chinese yuan is centrally managed and really is only functional when Chinese-based transactions are involved.

Perhaps the elites will decide to replace the greenback with something else, but the United States will not sit back on that. It will take some sort of force majeure as the catalyst and the elites are not ready for that. They have accomplished so much of their agenda by manufacturing last decade’s crisis and the dollar came out much stronger as a result. I see that the globalists have clearly decided to use the dollar for now.

The manufactured fallout of Populism; The nation-state will be an anachronism
The populist movement is kayfabe; Genuine voter frustration is channeled into a predetermined outcome

One final thought about global politics; the new world order will never stand for decentralization. Never. We have analyzed the Brexit vote in the past. We theorized that it would become a disaster and that England would never be allowed to leave. If it did, the globalists would make its existence a living hell, so that it would be an example to the other nations. The whole Brexit process was compromised from stem to stern with change agents and insiders who were put in place to sabotage the entire process. This is why I do not spend much time analyzing it, though it does present us with trading opportunities.

President Trump and the other populist change agents have been placed into their positions of power to undermine the nationalist political process, so that the result is a more connected global new world order. Even the term “populist” was chosen by the elites. What the world and the United States need is political and economic decentralization, but this will never happen again. I cannot tell you what is best for you, but if we can bring the vote and power base back closer to home, we have a fighting chance for self-determination. Any time we rely on the federal government or a power far from home to enact change, we only relinquish self-sovereignty.

When these populist change agents are done with their appointed tasks, the population will be ready for more global consolidation. The elites know what we are thinking and see that many people are frustrated with their circumstances, so they have responded by installing these Trump-type politicians to give us what we want. The result will be more frustration, lies, and broken dreams as the average person falls further behind.

Wells published this in 1940

While it is easy to conclude that the world cannot continue on its current trajectory, I submit to you that its doubters may be in for a long grind trying to be proven correct. Many generations have gone to their graves convinced that the end of humanity was just around the corner. I get it; I look at how degenerate and ungodly humanity has become and wonder how long it can all continue.

Last week, I went to a wedding dinner and sat next to my friend’s 11-year old son. During our conversation he began talking about the Illuminati. I asked him where he heard of that term and he said he picked it up from a video game he was playing. He also heard it discussed on a TV show. Talk about desensitizing the youth….

A common refrain I hear from the alt-media followers is that the people are waking up and are catching on to the ways of the new world order. But I ask you this; if most of humanity are still clueless to the basic underpinnings of the new world order, how or when will they “wake up?” I submit that they won’t and we need to accept this. Knowing the truth is very sobering, but it helps to make my life manageable. The worst part is that most of humanity is at total ease with the tenets of the new world order. If you are going to fight it, you will be engaging in a lonely battle.

Keep in mind that we are being trained by the elites through their satanic Netflix programming and new world order inculcation to embrace this nihilist mentality. Many Christians I communicate with analyze every daily event to gauge when the second coming will occur. I am sorry, but this world has the capacity to feed billions more people and the new world order has the ability to wear out the patience of the most high.

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