Martin Armstrong – Chief Fed shill of the alt-financial media and admirer of all things ChiCom

It’s all about the up-sell with Armstrong
For the bewildered Armstrong disciples it has been a punishing road

As a writer for a blog that uncovers the alt-financial charlatan deceptions, I continually scour the alt-financial media to bring us the ongoing disingenuous scamming to my readers. Every few days I run down the Martin Armstrong blog to see what types of misleading stuff he conjures up. Case in point; I came across this missive titled, Global Recession & Hard Landing, and had to comment it.

Our focus at this WEC will be how you can position yourself. So while others just see a recession emerging, as always, they will be unable to comprehend the real shifts within the global economy as a whole.

Global Recession & Hard Landing, Martin Armstrong, March 18th

I have absolutely nothing against the man personally, so when I comment on his “research” it is only to save us from unnecessary financial harm and the massive opportunity cost of waiting for the world to end according to his timeline. I did spend nearly $3,000 to attend his November 2015 WEC Princeton conference to get his take on his “big bang” theories and although I came away with nothing new, it was money well spent. I found out that the man behind the curtain was only a promoter with a number of services to sell his unfortunate followers. The whole thing was like a mirage, but his cult is very powerful with a number of people.

Look everywhere, but not at the elephant in the room
Convicted white collar felon still cons the masses

If I had listened to Armstrong’s advice four years ago, I would have lost a lot of potential profit and it would have come at a tremendous opportunity cost. Most of the 2015 WEC attendees I spoke to at the time were overly concerned about how rising global bond yields would collapse the economy. I told them that the central banks would probably take the world in another direction and that yields would remain subdued. I asked them, why would the central banks let sovereign bond yields rise? Wouldn’t they get the blame? They all said that the central banks lost control. I strongly disagreed.

This just goes to show that if we rely on others to make our investment decisions, we lose money. We lose with poor decisions and we lose money buying services we don’t need.

Back to point… Armstrong can never admit he was wrong, so he needs to keep pounding home the same point every year. Some fall for it.

Even the US economy has been gradually slowing since the 1950s. As taxes rise and the share of the economy government consumes keeps growing, they are starving the real economy and suppressing its economic growth rate. We are headed into a very hard landing. It has been the rise in taxes and regulation that is also behind the trend to automate replacing workers as much as possible.

Global Recession & Hard Landing, Martin Armstrong, March 18th

The real enemy is hidden in plain view

Armstrong never blames the Federal Reserve for the problems it causes. He is responsible for running cover for the Fed in the alt-media.  The reason why taxes and government spending climb every year is because the United States is enslaved under a private banking cartel that has absolutely suffocated its victim (you and me). But that idea doesn’t work for people who either cut a deal to get out of jail or are trying to curry favor.

No QE in China, but what it does is much worse

We simply must approach this from an international perspective for China is also slowing but thank God they have rejected Quantitative Easing which I have warned is a complete failure.

Global Recession & Hard Landing, Martin Armstrong, March 18th

Armstrong is indeed correct; the ChiCom government and the PBOC have not engaged in quantitative easing. It reminds me of Bill Clinton when asked about Monica Lewinsky. I take note that Armstrong has been a huge promoter of ChiCom policy at the expense of the United States and rarely criticizes the Party. Perhaps, we can lump Armstrong in with Ray Dalio and his constant praise of all things ChiCom.

For years, my contention with Chinese investments rested in the simple conclusion that foreigners can never get an accurate financial, economic, and monetary system picture of what the government and all their controlled corporations are doing. Why create a Chinese version of QE when the government can just create fictitious shell companies and off the bad debt to their balance sheets?

I am tired of the disingenuous shill, the click bait articles, and the up-sell in the alt-media. I write my blog as a Christian with nothing to gain (except my soul) and as someone who is able to warn others to stay away from those trying to save us.