The monetary system is being kept alive for some future event

Many timelines are converging over the next decade…

I received an email from a listener;

5G implementation is one of the many signs that point to a grim future for the Remnant

For those trying to figure out when the Force will be with us I offer some guidance. The Mobile World Congress recently met in Spain. The consensus was that the US would have 5G technology in place by 2030. If people think 5G is just a faster smart phone they are misguided.

It is the convergence of several highly invasive technologies.  Facial recognition alone will put you on 24/7 surveillance. Chip implants, self driving cars and trucks, audio monitoring and even block chain is expected to be ready. I won’t go into low orbit satellites and the massive doses of radiation that penetrates your home and you. I have left some things out but to my point; All these groovy features seem to be intended for the post Force Majeure world. That said I’m not looking for an event prior to 2030.


Disparate agendas are all coming together

I don’t disagree with anything Dave says. If we make it to 2030, I guarantee we will see all these technologies in place. 5G and the blockchain stuff would help to enhance the enforcement power of Agenda 2030. All this tracking and tracing will be in place to make sure we are all good global citizens, but whether we have to wait until 2030 for the force majeure is another matter. We may never even get one, but the odds are heavily in its favor.

Here was my response to Dave;

Thanks for the email.

We should keep in mind that the elites now have the economy and monetary system on an IV drip. This IV drip can be removed at will and it kind of reminds me of someone kept semi-conscious on an IV drip of heroin. Regardless, the system can be maintained indefinitely, for a long time.

The needle can also be removed next year if that is desired. Whether there is an event such as Planet X hitting the planet in 2022, World War 3 in 2027, or the mark of the beast in 2030, we should keep in mind that this system can be maintained until then.

I don’t have a lot of answers, but I have a lot of observations. And we need to keep an open mind. Thanks again.

Is there an “Area 51” of monetary theory?
There is an “Area 51” of monetary theory. We are being kept in the dark until it’s too late to resist.

One more thought; I find it peculiar that there is a dearth of real solutions to the current monetary system being offered by TPTB and the monetary authorities. I have to assume that the elites are working feverishly behind the scenes to formulate a new monetary system. It will, of course, be even more satanic than this one. If this is the case, it needs to be kept under wraps, so it can be sprung on us with little resistance.

With all this in mind, we need to remain patient and be prepared for a long wind down of this current system. Don’t listen to the collapse talkers who say socialism is going to collapse. The vast majority of humanity have already embraced socialism, perhaps under a different name. In fact, I read about the end-time government and economic system in the Bible and it sounds a lot like socialism. Be careful, the gloomers and collapse talkers have many things to up-sell the reader. If I had over 80k YouTube subscribers on a monetized channel, I could quit my job and get rich dispensing fallacious advice.

The only ideas I dispense are those that can help the remnant ride out this growing problem without losing our patience and net worth.