Understanding the new world order conspiracy can be profitable

Most see chaos; I see control

I received an email yesterday in response to my article titled, Investors pay up to $60,000/yr. for the same advice we give regarding the U.S. dollar, and wanted to share my response with you.

It’s right out in the open

The bank of Canada today kept their interest the same and are saying that they might lower rates in the future.

Just like you said Chris, the central banks’ policies are changing. We might go negative [on interest rates] in the next economic downturn. Great call. Like I keep saying you should start a hedge fund or start charging for specific (ins and outs of real estate) financial advice.

V – Toronto

BTW – Thanks for the kind thoughts. I make enough on my own to live and survive and am grateful with what I have. Knowledge is the most powerful asset. If I lost it all, I have the ability to make it back again (I just wouldn’t have the time for studying and researching and this blog.)

Here was my response;

This really isn’t too difficult to understand if we take this overriding satanic conspiracy into account. Please know that our success rate in determining the future trends has as much to do with my economics background as it does with the underlying theme of my blog. Think of all our predictions going back to early 2013; they were all formulated based on my understanding of the conspiracy for the one-world financial dictatorship and its part in bible prophecy. I submit that this monetary system can be the end-time monetary system. We don’t need a collapse to get to the final days. This current system will suffice.

I observe many well-learned market prognosticators get their predictions wrong, because they refuse to believe that there is this guiding hand. They chalk things up to stupidity, greed, or cycles.

I have always said that understanding this conspiracy can be profitable. I have my blog, so I can show how other discerning people can navigate through these uncharted waters. It is tempting to conclude that the wheels are coming off this wagon, but if we take a step back and observe the gestalt, we see a system that is actually working as intended… not for us, but to those who develop and promote it.

Here are the three ruling principals that guide my decision-making process;

  • The elites are in control of this system and use the manufactured fear to promulgate their desired outcomes (e.g. massive QE to consolidate the remaining global wealth at the expense of us, social programs to make us dependent on that system)
  • They need to keep this system going to achieve their goals until they no longer need it.
  • The elites need low and lower interest rates to achieve their desired outcome. Thus, perpetual economic weakness and uncertainty are prerequisites. This system would collapse within several months if the elites allowed the yield curves to rise.

Last year, when the Fed was determined to tighten, I wondered if they wanted to collapse the system as their policy was not adding up. I always kept it in the back of mind that the elites were not ready to let things fall as they would not achieve their desired outcome. They further their agenda by keeping the globe on a perpetual IV-drip of low rates and QE.

I openly contemplated why the Fed and ECB were going down that tightening campaign. In hindsight, we know why. The Fed wanted to see how far it could go before things folded and we got that answer last December. I kept saying that in order to keep things going the Fed has to commence on QE and that the ECB, PBOC, and BOJ can never tighten and stop their versions of QE. They can never stop, ever again.

There is too much sovereign debt generation in all the nations, not just the U.S. There has been an organic demand shortfall for sovereign debt since 2008. The central banks have been buying as much as needed to make up the difference and keep rates low. These low rates grease this system and promote higher asset prices. When I speak of asset prices, I specifically target income-producing assets like stocks, bonds, businesses, and real estate. I specifically target the dollar as the go-to currency under this scenario. Why the dollar? Credit austerity by the central banks promotes dollar strength.

This all means that interest rates need to remain suppressed on all parts of the yield curve. Interest rates can never rise ever again. If rates on the longer end rise, this system is done. It is clearly evident that the elites need to keep it going for the indefinite future. All my investment choices are based on these suppositions.

The fearful will not inherit the kingdom

This conspiracy transcends our lifetimes. It goes back a long way, and this system is clearly entering its terminal phase. The elites knew all along that this point in the timeline would provide them the auspicious opportunity to consolidate their wealth and enslave humanity. Currently, they gain nothing by collapsing things now. They achieved much of what they needed by manufacturing last decade’s crisis.

I do not get fearful and scared, since I know this is all part of the overall plan. I respond to what I see, and so should you. We need to remain detached and objective as we roll through these unique times.