February 1st Update – A message to the profits; What happens if they don’t ban cash, the Dow goes up to 40,000, and there is no economic collapse?

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-I think the stock averages may have topped out here short-term. I sold my day trade stocks. (2:50 pm)
-The averages are all right around their 100-day mva’s. We need a rest and I think a drop to the 50-day is warranted.
-These are trendless markets and the moving averages are important as the other traders are looking at them, too.
-Some may think that the strong unemployment report may place the Fed’s dovish policy in doubt in the short-term.
-My short-term concern is that some traders may begin to also question the Fed’s sudden change of direction. They may think the Fed sees something they have not admitted.
-The COT reports should come out later today. I will analyze them and report my predictions.
-I see a lot of unwitting end time profits in the church. They all predict economic collapse, a ban on cash, and stock market collapses. What if they don’t come about?
-Satan knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows the eschatology students are preaching economic and market collapse and a ban on cash as prerequisites to the tribulation period. I submit there is no need to have any of these come about. The Fed could continue printing cash all the way to the day Jesus comes back, but hardly anyone would accept cash for payment as that would not make them good citizens.
-This would allow the end time system to come in through the back door while the church was looking the other way.
-The vast majority of people will embrace the end time system. They won’t be rounded up and sent to FEMA camps. They will love this system. It will approve of their self-indulgent behavior.
-False dilemmas in the church. Christians have been conditioned to look at money with disdain and to think that their desire to gain wealth is anathema to Christian doctrine.
-If our desire to gain wealth is to help us achieve independence and self-sovereignty as a Christian then our goals can be viewed as being noble. Our goal is to become as independent of the system as possible. The freedom afforded to those who are free of the system’s encumbrances is exhilarating.
-Those who will be the most ensnared will be those who are dependent on the system or government, in debt, fearful, or are tied to unbelievers.