Government screw-ups are only part of the plan

The government only pretends to screw up, so it can invent more control

I received an email from a reader who sent me an article regarding the growing income disparity of the United States middle class and the high income earners. Though it is a few years old, I doubt much would have changed if it had been written yesterday.

Indeed, the article from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) paints a gloomy picture for the average wage earner. But, notice their conclusions. The answer lies with more government intervention and public policy changes.

Take a look at one of their latest articles. This one is titled, Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 by 2024 would lift pay for nearly 40 million workers, and it begs the same conclusion. Of course, EPI’s recipe for change is for more government control and intervention.

You get the picture. I responded to the reader that every time the government intervenes, the disparities widen. Every program the government promulgates only distorts the supply/demand equation and results in less equilibrium. The reader agreed, and said that the government only screws things up more.

My response was that this “screwing up more” is actually the intent.  Perhaps that’s the government’s plan all along; continual intervention until we get one big socialist-communist state. And the people will rejoice. This goes back to the stated Communist ambitions of the 1930s and ’40s. The Communists back then said they wouldn’t be able to implement their goals through bloodshed, but would be able to establish their Marxist plan with disingenuous sophistry and through the back door with cunning. I see it going exactly and according to their well-known script.

Socialism will not fail; it’s the end goal

Today, we have an immense socialist bureaucracy in just about every nation-state. These nation-states are heavily dependent on massive deficit spending. Those not versed on the one-world government conspiracy continually get this wrong; they believe that socialism is doomed to fail.

I say that Socialism is the end goal of the Satanic globalists. It really is Communism with the illusion of private ownership. For instance, we may own real estate, but there are now so many costs and restrictions that the government effectively controls this sector. Government policy manages every sector of our lives and there is absolutely no escape. We may “own” our children, but the government has complete control over how we manage them. The worst part is that freedom loving Christians look to the government for change. They continually vote for their choice, support Trump, or seek government help to turn things around.

I say the best we can do is avoid government as much as possible. Don’t depend on them. Of course, pay your taxes, but use their tax codes against them to pay as little as possible. Every time a person looks to the government for action or for a benefit, it only empowers the ruling authorities. We get the government we want, not what we deserve.

The system is working as planned.

Anyone who does not understand the larger conspiracy will refuse to believe this system can sustain itself. I continually read all the time in the alt-financial media that the system is ready to crash. These people were telling us to short the markets all last year down into Dow 22,000. Of course, they forgot their recommendations once again. I tell you something completely different.

Why is this? Let’s contemplate central bank monetary policy in the wake of the Great Buying Opportunity of 2008. If the owners of the central banks, with their controlled governments, wanted to really turn things around, they would have written down or discounted the typical person’s debt burden. It really is not difficult to engage such policy, but that would have only empowered the average wage-slave and that would have been anathema to their long-term plan to enslave humanity.

Instead, they embarked on another path. They chose to place humanity on an indefinite IV-drip that they control. They could keep it in place or remove it at will. In essence, these central bank owners now have complete control over the direction of the global economy. By keeping interest rates low and providing credit as needed, they have allowed the socialist governments (virtually all nations, including the U.S.) to stay in business and become more socialist.

These elites have clearly chosen this well-publicized route. They have walked down this path for a full decade and the global investors all know that the central banks control the show. So, why would the central banks stop the IV-drip now? They will only get the blame for the collateral damage. I submit this IV-drip can last forever, so that a massive global socialist state can emerge from the fear mongering and ostensible uncertainty. The godless, global citizenry will rejoice at the prosperity and peace.

When it comes time and the global economy weakens further, the elites will embark on more stimulus. As of now the Federal Reserve is not reinvesting funds in securities that mature, but it will again by early next year. Instead of a roll-off, the Fed will embark on new QE and the globe will rejoice. The citizens will thank their captors and the system will sustain itself as the average wage earner sinks further into the abyss.

The business and asset cycles are dead.  This has nothing to do with “insanity” or “cycles” or “craziness” or “haphazardness.” People who read my blog and posts know better. It’s all part of a well-oiled machine. It’s just the normal routine of the new world order.