Common Christian logic with respect to money and economy

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Mattherw 6:34 – KJV

I received an email yesterday from a reader in London, England, in response to my prior blog post. I wanted to put Matthew 6:34 into its proper perspective. This site is dedicated to this passage as I tell the reader how not to worry. It takes work and planning. It takes overcoming dependency and confirmation bias toward the alt-media. But many read Mathew 6:34 and think that we should not bother.

Dear Mr Pirnak,

I follow your site with interest, however, I find your repeated references to being “a Christian”, reading the Bible etc. somewhat incongruous on a site mainly dedicated to financial matters (mammon).

For example, I believe it would be hard to reconcile what Jesus is reported to have said in his Sermon on the Mount, where he exhorts his listeners to “Take therefore no thought for the morrow…” etc, with the underlying theme of your articles and podcasts which seem to be advocating precisely the opposite.

Equally, I find your comments about charging low rents to some of your tenants because you are “a Christian” (most recent article) not in the spirit of the New Testament where there are several passages specifically telling people not to speak of their good works – e.g. Matthew 6:1 “Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven…”.

Finally, it is not clear what you mean by being “a Christian”. The only insight into this that I have come across is in your ‘About Chris’ section where you write that you regard “the Bible as the best psychology textbook ever written”; but this is perhaps not what many people understand as Christianity (although it is very possibly the case that no one has a clear idea of what ‘Christianity’ actually means).

I hope you do not take my comments as an indirect criticism of your articles, which I find interesting and helpful, but I can’t help feeling that your references to Christianity do not add anything to the subject matter of your articles and, in fact, might detract from important points you make for people who do not share your ‘religious’ beliefs (whatever they are) or at least do not feel the need to make them public.

Charles- London, England

Here is my response (edited for grammar, etc. Voice to text is a pain).

Hi Charles,
Thank you for the email and interest in my site.

The only reason why I have my blog is because I am a Christian, or at least aspire to be a better one. I can’t be a pastor or preacher, because I do not have that expertise. I would not want to come across as an expert on the Gospels and lead people astray. But I do study a lot about what the Bible says with respect to economy and money and it says an awful lot.

For some strange reason, most Christians view money and economy as incongruent with scripture, but how we handle money and such is very important. We need to get through the day, we need to persevere, and we need to make money, because we are not supposed to live in a communist or socialist society.

Most western, formerly Christian nations are now socialist and most Christian citizens are hopelessly dependent on government. I find that very evil. They’re dependent on the government for healthcare, pensions, education, retirement, and a sundry list of other subsidies. Most Christians today worship government, even if they don’t think so. They don’t have to worry about working and saving money, because most of them now rely on Big Daddy government.

When we deal fairly with everyone we work with and interact with that’s a very Christian thing. Believe me on this one, that is rare. I don’t trumpet my works to people. But quite often my tenants are concerned, because they go month-to-month and are worried that the rents will increase or are worried I will kick them out. I tell them not to worry. There is another reason why I keep my rents low. I tell I tell them as long as I can cover my costs and make some money to live, they do not have to worry. I tell them it’s because I am a Christian. Then they thank me, shake my hand, and appreciate what I do. In today’s degenerate society I think it’s important that we tell people why we do what we do.

I find a problem with many of the Christians today, especially of the so-called remnant type. Many of them are not involved in the day-to-day that I have to deal with. When they are down in the ditches working like I am, it takes another perspective. There are a lot of deceivers, liars, thieves, and disingenuous people in my line of work. I have to interact with government and dishonest people every day.

What happens if I don’t have these properties? I am 53 and would have to look for a job. I talk about what I talk about all the time and would never be hired. My back hurts a lot now. Without these properties and the income where would I go? I have no retirement money. I haven’t paid social security for 18 years. England has universal health care. I have not had health insurance for 18 years. Most Christians are hopelessly dependent on government, so they have less worries about money. I have no dependencies at all.

I don’t put my comforts in mammon, but I don’t expect government handouts. Plus, what I do takes a lot of work and knowledge. I think many people read what I talk about and just think I’m greedy. But what I do is the culmination of over 30 years of work, experience, a lot of mistakes, a lot of lost money, and a lot of trial and error. I am not a pastor nor do I claim to be. I repeatedly tell my readers that if you are going to make your life manageable in this satanic hell hole you need to become more independent.

I have discussed Matthew 6:34 quite often on the blog. Jesus instructs his followers to just worry about today’s problems today; there’s plenty of time to worry about tomorrow’s problems tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean Jesus is telling us not to plan for the future. He tells us not to get too comfortable about the future but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan. Work toward goals, plan for goals, and if we are taken out early, so be it. But he tells us not to get too wrapped up into problems in which they may never appear.

Life is full of tragedy, most of which never happens. We have to plan for marriage, we have to plan for family, we have to plan for raising our children,. Why is money somehow mutually exclusive to planning? The Bible talks an awful lot about economy and money. Paul is careful to tell us not to fall in love with it. I totally agree as it is only a tool in the carpenter’s tool chest. If you think it’s evil, then it’s evil. If you think it’s just like anything else, then it’s like anything else.

With respect to the Bible and psychology; the vast majority of Christians have no idea what Christianity and its concepts really are. My wife is a school psychologist and I think the stuff that she teaches is complete bunk. I know enough about psychology to know that it is bunk, but it works for the Evil One. The Bible is a much better source of the human mind and its condition than anything else man can conjure up. Or should I say Satan? I talked about this in the past that psychology is a science of Satan. It works because it preys on human weakness and it treats us like animals. Look around us today. People really are like animals. That’s because they’ve been told they are. If they read the Bible they would believe something completely different. Animals look at money completely different than God’s people.

Most contaminated Christians today view money and the economy and Christianity as a false dilemma. They somehow see the Bible and money as a mutually exclusive analysis. They see it as a false dilemma.

My life is easy. This is why I have ample time to study, research the Bible, and research my expertise and relay it to others. I am not wealthy, but I am comfortable, and I have enough to live off of. I am as self-sovereign as you’re going to see. I have enough money to pay cash for a house. I have enough money to pay cash for a new car. I don’t have the concerns that 95% of the population have. I live a life of austerity and frugality, which is why I have money in the first place (most Christians spend money like it’s burning a hole in their pocket) and I know that when tomorrow’s problems appear I can easily handle them. I have plenty of time to go to the gym everyday, so i stay out of the doctor’s office. Christians have become government-dependent moral hazards. I am self-sovereign.

If I didn’t care about the Bible, I would not waste my time with my blog. I derive no benefit from this website. I only receive mostly criticisms anyway. My thorough understanding of Economics, finance, scripture and, especially, our adversary has allowed me to put my writings and podcasts together with confidence.

Satan will wear out the patience of the saints and the most high. Daniel must have seen the alt-financial media and the garbage they spew (Daniel 7:25). Perhaps if I can temper people’s expectations I can get them to think more pragmatically. I can help out in some way. God has afforded me plenty of time and enough money that I don’t have to worry about things of this world like others. I listened to Matthew 6:34 and took Jesus’s advice. I live a life free of worry. I only worry about the judgment. I think about that all the time.


I will continue writing and podcasting to my blog and dispensing my timely recommendations and advice until I have no more visitors to the site. Then I’ll hang it up.

I see no false dilemma between Christianity and money and economy, unless, of course, you choose to make one. I don’t ask for money and would never take it. I just request that you put up with my Christian worldview.