February 4th Update – The art of ruling the people is ancient and the techniques only get more perfected

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First item; This Wednesday at 7:30 pm, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will host a town hall meeting with educators from across the country joining him in the Board Room of the Federal Reserve Board’s main building in Washington D.C.
-Tonight at 7:30 pm, Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta Mester will deliver a speech on the economic outlook and monetary policy at the 50 Club of Cleveland Annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio.
Second item; Most people are embracing the tenets of the NWO. The NWO is a spiritual system of voluntary servitude and self-indulgence. Why have FEMA thugs forcibly take our DNA samples, when the vast majority give it away freely? Privacy rights in the internet age are an oxymoron.
-The nation is already one big FEMA debt slave camp. The FEMA camps and Army CILFs will have the barbed wire turned outward, to keep people from trying to enter.
-Is the internet a good thing? Any close relatives who send in their DNA for geneology and medical testing have, in effect, given your DNA to the government authorities. Look at this case, for instance.
Third Item; A discussion of Alan Watt’s February 3rd podcast – The art of ruling people only gets more perfected.