How did all this advanced technology appear so quickly?

Did Nikola Tesla sell his soul for advanced technology? His personal life was a mess, but his concepts redirected the course of human history

Note to the reader: I do not have answers to these questions and the best I can do is speculate. I do not believe that anyone possesses the definitive truth about advanced technology (except perhaps those at the very top of the secret societies, who have access to knowledge you and I do not possess). I only make observations and try to make sense of what they say. I normally stick to analyzing the markets and economic system given our understanding of the conspiracy for world government.

Think about it; we continually hear how recording artists and other personalities in the arts and entertainment industry sell their souls for fame and fortune. Why would the other areas of specialty be immune from this? I can imagine scientists and inventors seeking the same.

One more thought about this. Keep in mind that these paradigm-shifting inventions and technologies began growing in number after the advent of the Federal Reserve. Think of how all that money can now be channeled to those who further the agenda.

I received an email from a listener today commenting on my January 25th podcast.

Mr. Pirnak, [With respect to your] 25 January podcast you said:

“I have to conclude that most of the technology of the past 50-80 years was given to humanity by some other force.”

I have thought this same thing. I question where Newton, Mendeleev and Shockley, et al. got their fantastic off-planet insights into the workings of nature. I don’t accept that these came out of their imaginations and they put them to the world by mathematics.

More and more, only the doings of an exterran entity or entities can account for the ways and means of this planet. I suspect also they occasionally erase the biosphere and re-seed it. Witness the hundreds of shattered pre-Ice Age civilizations that show severe scorch marks and clastic shock waves that suggests targeting. Lake Titicaca, Egypt, Gobekli.

The Controllers do not allow discussion of these evidences.

David – West Virginia

Here was my response:

[With respect to] the stuff I talk about with the blog, I don’t wander too far off topic. But I have to observe how humanity seems to be following a timeline that has sped up tremendously since the late 1800’s and early 1900s. And that speed-up is accelerating at a faster clip – the so-called second derivative is rising.

Having some years behind me helps to compare, too.

I observe the writings and such of the futurists from 100-150 years ago and they all told of a time that would closely resemble what we see today. Mysteriously, all this advanced tech just appears, all since WWII. I just try to make connections and the answers seem to be in the Bible. The Bible also goes into detail how the final days would be like and all I have to do is look at the people living today to get confirmation.

I look at Tesla’s life and he seems like the type who would sell his soul for knowledge. [Think of the concepts he invented], but he had so many unsorted demons and went to his grave a broken man. The devil gives the tech out, so he can achieve his timeline in the time allotted to him.

The trends become more entrenched with each passing day. I stopped trying to get people to “turn this thing around.” That ship has sailed and the toothpaste is out of the tube. We are on that ship and it’s already left port; sailing into the darkness and its destination is to be determined.

The alt-media are a manifestation of people’s reactions to their inability to change things. It is only a cathartic release for most people.

We know better.

My experience over the years is that the alt-media followers know things are wrong, but in some ways they refuse to want to believe that they have little of any power to change things.

I have always said that we should be concerned about changing our lives, so we can overcome what is taking place. Perhaps we can lead by example, because I am here to tell my readers that this is the best we can do.