Reader comment – The preppers, alt-financial media, and bible scholars are getting it wrong

There is no need to collapse the economy to get the NWO

Note: I rarely ever come across anyone on the web who agrees with my assessment on economic collapse and biblical prophecy. An economic collapse would only expose the agenda. The NWO knows that an improperly prepared remnant is easy to subdue when the time comes. Moreover, this current system in a modified form will suffice.

Mr. Ruppert got it all wrong and ended up committing suicide. In regards to their assessment of the economic system, the preppers and endtime bible believers are not preparing properly and will not be able to make sound decisions in times of uncertainty.

If you are a regular reader of my work, you already know my worldview. The global elite do not need to collapse this current economic and monetary system to fulfill their desired objectives. Though I submit that modified versions of the current systems will probably be proffered after any protracted global conflict, there will most likely be no collapse before war. Despite what the eschatological scholars, alt-financial gurus, and preppers are warning, this current system can hold out for years.

Why is this? Prior to the last economic crisis of 2008, I could not comprehend how the central banks and governments would have been able to prolong this current arrangement. However, we now have a clearer answer; the central banks stand ready to buy up the world. Indeed, I surmise that was the objective all along.

The only constraint that was hampering the elites from conjuring up unconventional monetary policy was in their ability to persuade the population that QE and negative rates were the most expedient methods to keep the ship upright.

It has worked and the people have bought it. Now that things ostensibly seem to be unraveling, the vast majority of investors will embrace the QE of everything not nailed down, so long as it keeps their personal balance sheets and way of life intact.

Here is a comment from a reader in Canada:

I was very pleased to hear your comments on the Black Horse of Revelation. So many of my fellow believers are thoroughly convinced that an economic depression is just around the corner – and – it is a necessary predicate to the rapture.

Many are making the wrong financial decisions. The Jasper Project here in Canada is now law. The Jasper Project is a program where the Canadian Gov’t can seize Canadian citizens bank accounts and retirement accounts with an electronic key stroke at any time. Such pieces of evidence are used by misdirected believers as pointing toward “the coming economic depression.”  Thankfully, we know different. This instrument, and others worldwide like it, won’t be used until the tribulation.

Gary – Canada

Gary offers an interesting observation. Ask yourself this question; what would the globalists gain now if they confiscated our checking accounts, pensions and retirement assets, or social security payments? They would achieve nothing, while at the same time such actions would expose their agenda and enrage a sleeping populace.

Very few of the remnant are preparing properly for what is coming

The main thrust of preparing for what is coming is in our ability to accurately predict how the time line will unfold.

Conventional prepper wisdom is prominently displayed on the TV set as there are a number of shows that depict this survival mindset. But what if this way of life is misguided and being purposely ingrained into the matrix?

I predict those subscribing to the heavily promoted prepper philosophy will be the least able to handle what is coming.  At this point, preppers should mostly be concerned about;

  • getting out of all debt or having enough income and assets to pay it down,
  • Developing techniques to produce their own income (either business or passive income),
  • building a personal balance sheet,
  • raising financial liquidity levels, and
  • Being independent of government and employers for money.

Unfortunately, I see many preppers concentrating on the wrong items. They have been watching too much TV. If their current mindset continues to prevail, they will not be afforded the flexibility to make wise choices when they need to be made.

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held

Revelation 6:9 (KJV)

I ponder why so many Christians will be slain in the final days and the only conclusion I can make is that they were not properly prepared financially. This end time system is an economic system. Without control of the economy and financial structures, the elites would not have been able to gain their domination over Hollywood, the media, education, finance, health care, and governments.

We should be working right now to fatten up our balance sheets and liquidity. The scare tactics have been produced by the elites and the unwitting alt-media and have totally undermined and impoverished all well-intentioned preppers.

Despite what the catastrophe prognosticators are recommending and predicting, I submit that they are misguided. This is the Summer season and we should be taking risks and adding to our wealth. This will only work to increase our options when critical decisions need to be made.

If you subscribe to bible prophecy, don’t be held economic hostage. You will end up as one of the slain under the alter. If we are properly prepared financially, we can make it through to the other side.

And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days

Revelation 12:6 (KJV)

If I don’t die from old age first, I intend to survive all the way through. I tell you all the time how I am preparing. You can as well; just tune out the typical, hackneyed advice.