January 25th Update – If you think the internet is a good thing, take a look at how the vast sea of humanity has changed in 25 years

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Note: I speak as a Christian remnant and someone who understands the new world order and the agenda to enslave humanity

-The internet may be a good thing for a particular person, but for 90% of humanity it has been a detriment. Degeneracy can be easily reaffirmed through the internet.
-The wealth gap has only widened since the internet went mainstream. For most of the population (yes, the alt-financial followers) making financial decisions based on what they see on the internet is a one-way ticket to poverty.
-Our Adversary loves the alt-financial media. He gets so excited every time another blogger puts out another article proclaiming economic calamity.
-Satan will get his black horse and there is no need for collapse; just the fear is enough. Everyone will be chasing their tails while the end time monetary system will come in through the back door.
-With the web, people can effortlessly indulge in any idea. If we wonder why families, morals, and intellectual capacity have degraded so quickly, we can thank the latest technologies like the internet, cell phones, and TV. It’s a job well done by the elites.
-Satan loves to spread fear and hopelessness. Learned helplessness and despair are wonderful to the elites. The more drugs we take and the more people who commit suicide, the more the agenda is fueled.
-The manufactured social divides widen with the internet. The confirmation and cognitive biases are preyed upon. Humanity is quickly being subdued and placed into a satanic cattle pen.
-I have to conclude that most of the technology of the past 50-80 years was given to humanity by some other force.
-This end time agenda is speeding up tremendously. Satan knows he has but a short time. The introduction of the internet is the only way he can hope to achieve his goal.
-Those who are in debt, depend on W-2 or 1099 income, an employer, or rely on government benefits will be the first ones to be gone. Those who are liquid and rely on passive or business income will remain around longer.
-I have built up 2.5 years of living expenses in liquidity.  We need to stay out of debt and remain liquid.
-There is no need for the elites to confiscate our checking accounts. They will paper it over with debt, which will be a deflationary millstone.
-I am still investing and planning for the future. I plan to buy more real estate. Prices in many areas (even the greater DC area) are still reasonable.