Reconciling propaganda with reality; Those who cannot fall further behind

What was so important about the early 1970s?

In response to my January 11th podcast titled, Getting ahead in rural America; Prosper during desperate times, I received an email from a reader in Ontario. He has observed many of the same phenomena north of the border as I see here in middle America.

It’s sad how the elites gutted the manufacturing here [Canada] since the 70s. We got the same drug problem here, especially fentanyl and weed. Its pretty bad in the small towns. I went to a rock festival here in London, Ontario. It was like Zombie-land downtown.

Great point about rentals and section 8 housing. I drove through the Scranton area many moons ago. Pretty run down. Reminded me of Hamilton, Ontario here.

I was watching a video a while ago about the suicide epidemic of men in the central N. American states and provinces. Sad. The destruction of N. America started back in the early 70s and is still continuing now. Almost all the wealth is concentrated in a few urban centres. George Carlin said it best.

Here was my email response to the reader:

The irreversible trends started shortly after Kissinger went to China in 1971; the same year the Feds shut the gold window. The US was chosen to be the world financial hub and spread its dollar to all four corners of the world. This would standardize global trade and benefit the international corporations.

Thus, the Feds would export the inflationary money printing and import the deflation to hide what they were doing to the citizens. The globalist media has been running cover to lie to the people ever since. That’s how the US dollar became the reserve currency. No other country wants to have the reserve currency. Only the gold shills say this. The US fell on the sword as that meant it needed to gut its industry. That was the end. That was the time to begin buying assets and quitting our jobs.

Why are people tuning out with drugs? Cognitive dissonance. These people cannot reconcile with what the media and government says to do and what they see in reality. We know better. We have no illusions on my blog.

Now the corporations have arbitraged between all low-cost and high-cost countries. Like you said, Canada is in similar circumstances. It is a high-cost nation.

it’s been a slow slide ever since. Year in and year out. There is no hope for anyone holding on to the old paradigm of going to college and getting a job. That’s a myth that dies hard.

Indeed, the destruction of the middle class in the United States began in earnest during the early 1970s. It soon spread to all the developed nations. Notice how the media, from movies and TV to books and news, also saturate us with the ideation of recreational drug use. This is being done on purpose. As the need for us to remain alive diminishes, the elites want us to indulge in more drug use.

Never once think that the growing trend for marijuana legalization was grassroots. This agenda is centrally planned and it is the hope of the elites that we all consume marijuana, drink alcohol to excess, and take mind-altering drugs.

I wish I have better news for us, but I do not. At least we know our adversary and how this plan is unfolding. It transcends politics and the life we have been crafted to believe by the globalist media.

The talk of collapse creates learned helplessness. The alt-financial media have been proclaiming it for over 25 years, but we are still functioning. We need to move forward and not fall victim like so many others. Knowing the truth can be very powerful.