January 8th Update – Answers to email questions; Student loan debt forgiveness, universal health care, the Trump wall, and mass immigration

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-Keep in mind, I am not here to offer my opinion on whether I like or dislike social spending.
-What would happen if the US government forgave $1 trillion in student loans? Who would benefit and who would suffer? I apply economic logic to show how we would be impacted
-Does a country benefit with universal health care? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
-The politicians and demagogues count on the average person never making these simple connections.
-I feel badly for most Canadians. Their personal debt levels are out of control, but the costs of social spending manifest somewhere. There is no such thing as a free lunch and the tax burdens are continuing to rise. Moreover the massive deficit spending and personal debt accumulation create negotiable debt instruments that are used to buy up other assets. In Canada, the specific problems arise in its real estate markets.
-Michael Moore won’t ever tell you this, but what is the cost of universal health care in Canada? A real estate market that will forever be more expensive than the average tax-slave can afford.
-With respect to the Trump wall, notice how Trump is being pitted against two highly polarizing and unpopular democrats (Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer). If the democrats wanted to stop all this, the party could have presented a middle-of-the-road Senator from the Midwest. It’s just Kayfabe and the battle of the meaningless must continue.
-It is amazing how worked up many of my friends have gotten over this wall situation.
-Where are the costs for immigration borne? How does the average person lose?
-How do we stay ahead of the social and deficit spending?
-Gold shills get it wrong all the time. If we have a hyper-inflationary collapse, I will tell you where to invest.