January 3rd Market Update – Remaining objective in a subjective world

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-Market volatility is to be expected as things continue to unwind
-AAPL earnings and guidance are truer leading economic indicators. Unemployment (Today’s bullish ADP numbers) is a lagging indicator.
-Credit market problems in Canada and Australia (via their real estate markets) are just symptoms of further problems to come. Chinese economic and credit market contractions are quickening
-Plan for the inevitable outcome of negative rates in the US and the other developed world
-We were warned almost a year ago that credit and asset markets were going to do what they are doing now.
-Cryptos still point downward. As credit contracts there will be no way that these assets will move higher. Large holders are borrowing against their crypto holdings as they are loath to sell as these prices. A recipe for disaster.
-Gold still looks good and the COT report still points to a bullish tilt. $1,300 by tomorrow?
-Trump is creating a lot of uncertainty and the Fed flight path was preprogrammed going back before the 2016 election. Bernanke talked about balance sheet unwind when he was Fed Chair.
-Powell is carrying out the plan, but the Trump problems are creating the unforeseen. Trump is not our ally, as I question his stability. The working class has continued to fall further behind under the Trump economic policies.
-Trump is not fighting the new world order. He was put in to promote the new world order’s next phase.
-Currency market volatility precludes us from actively speculating in currencies.
-Working class real estate is the only asset class I see as still providing opportunity
-There will be opportunities to those with the liquidity