January 30th Market Update – The US Fed delivered more than anyone expected

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In only five weeks the Fed completely changed their course. The central banks stand ready to buy up the world and make asset prices even more expensive

-The Fed blew the doors off the market. What a change in only about five weeks. This is completely unprecedented. They even issued a separate statement on their asset balance sheet actions.
-The Fed will probably keep an oversized balance sheet on an ongoing basis (a significant buffer). The Fed hinted at rates cuts and balance sheet additions.
-Powell discussed how liquidity needs (meaning monetization of gov’t debt) continue to balloon.
-The trading community is betting on rate cuts starting in January 2020, with little chance of additional rate hikes in this cycle.
-The Dow futures briefly took out the 100 & 200 day mva, and stand right at them as I write. The S&P and Nasdaq are moving closer to these important mva’s.
-Look at what FB has done in the aftermarket. There is a lot of money that sold out and needs to be redeployed. I bought more stocks right after the Fed announcement. I will sell on any further lift. Perhaps the lift might be getting long, but don’t count out any spikes higher.
-Look at how gold, silver, oil have done. The XOP is bumping against 31 resistance.
-This does not mean that the global economy is out of the woods, but this goes a long way to calm the global credit markets.
-The Fed is increasingly discussing how its policy is affecting the global economy. It previously operated with little emphasis on its actions and the rest of the world. The dollar fell and this helps to calm global dollar debt markets.
-The central banks, led by the Fed, will do whatever it takes to support asset prices.
-I contemplate a world where the central banks will have expanded balance sheets and will do whatever it takes to make certain asset prices grow.  With bond yields clearly on the down trend, I see items like real estate finding support again.
-If the Fed gets any more dovish we may begin to hear about how Larry Summers wants negative short term rates again.

How did all this advanced technology appear so quickly?

Did Nikola Tesla sell his soul for advanced technology? His personal life was a mess, but his concepts redirected the course of human history

Note to the reader: I do not have answers to these questions and the best I can do is speculate. I do not believe that anyone possesses the definitive truth about advanced technology (except perhaps those at the very top of the secret societies, who have access to knowledge you and I do not possess). I only make observations and try to make sense of what they say. I normally stick to analyzing the markets and economic system given our understanding of the conspiracy for world government.

Think about it; we continually hear how recording artists and other personalities in the arts and entertainment industry sell their souls for fame and fortune. Why would the other areas of specialty be immune from this? I can imagine scientists and inventors seeking the same.

One more thought about this. Keep in mind that these paradigm-shifting inventions and technologies began growing in number after the advent of the Federal Reserve. Think of how all that money can now be channeled to those who further the agenda.

I received an email from a listener today commenting on my January 25th podcast.

Mr. Pirnak, [With respect to your] 25 January podcast you said:

“I have to conclude that most of the technology of the past 50-80 years was given to humanity by some other force.”

I have thought this same thing. I question where Newton, Mendeleev and Shockley, et al. got their fantastic off-planet insights into the workings of nature. I don’t accept that these came out of their imaginations and they put them to the world by mathematics.

More and more, only the doings of an exterran entity or entities can account for the ways and means of this planet. I suspect also they occasionally erase the biosphere and re-seed it. Witness the hundreds of shattered pre-Ice Age civilizations that show severe scorch marks and clastic shock waves that suggests targeting. Lake Titicaca, Egypt, Gobekli.

The Controllers do not allow discussion of these evidences.

David – West Virginia

Here was my response:

[With respect to] the stuff I talk about with the blog, I don’t wander too far off topic. But I have to observe how humanity seems to be following a timeline that has sped up tremendously since the late 1800’s and early 1900s. And that speed-up is accelerating at a faster clip – the so-called second derivative is rising.

Having some years behind me helps to compare, too.

I observe the writings and such of the futurists from 100-150 years ago and they all told of a time that would closely resemble what we see today. Mysteriously, all this advanced tech just appears, all since WWII. I just try to make connections and the answers seem to be in the Bible. The Bible also goes into detail how the final days would be like and all I have to do is look at the people living today to get confirmation.

I look at Tesla’s life and he seems like the type who would sell his soul for knowledge. [Think of the concepts he invented], but he had so many unsorted demons and went to his grave a broken man. The devil gives the tech out, so he can achieve his timeline in the time allotted to him.

The trends become more entrenched with each passing day. I stopped trying to get people to “turn this thing around.” That ship has sailed and the toothpaste is out of the tube. We are on that ship and it’s already left port; sailing into the darkness and its destination is to be determined.

The alt-media are a manifestation of people’s reactions to their inability to change things. It is only a cathartic release for most people.

We know better.

My experience over the years is that the alt-media followers know things are wrong, but in some ways they refuse to want to believe that they have little of any power to change things.

I have always said that we should be concerned about changing our lives, so we can overcome what is taking place. Perhaps we can lead by example, because I am here to tell my readers that this is the best we can do.



January 28th Market Update – I wonder if there are too many traders anticipating more Fed dovishness

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-The FOMC announces policy on Wednesday, with Jerome Powell’s press conference shortly after. If the Fed hints at anything conflicting with Friday morning’s WSJ article, the markets could dump. Stocks, commodities, and gold could get hit. Things are priced very optimistically.
-Except for some short-term trades, all my trading accounts are in cash and I am waiting for the appropriate signals.
-XOP hitting resistance at 30. My concern is that the drillers are performing worse than oil. WTI needs to stay above its 50-day mva of 50.90.
-The BOJ QE has been progressing for at least 25 years. I marvel at all the well-respected economists who contemplate that the Japan’s QE cannot continue indefinitely. I SAY THEY CAN.
-COT reports are still not out and that hinders my weekly futures trades. I am uncertain as to where I see gold. The market action looks good, though the price rises are not very sizable. My one concern about silver and gold is that they are trading much higher than their 200-day mva’s. It’s not a concern short-term, but unless there is a bull market breakout this will eventually cause problems.
-The bond market is in a holding pattern, waiting for hints from the Fed. The global credit market problems have eased since late December when the Fed turned tail.
-Stocks indexes are all positioned similarly above their 50-day mva’s. The elites hope to keep things this way and this is a reason why I think the Fed will not make too much of a fuss on Wednesday.
-The Trump/China trade problems present some great trading opportunities. It changes every day, so sell on “breakthrough” news and buy on the doom.
-The trade dilemma is not supposed to be resolved. It is institutionalized and was set up that way almost 50 years ago. The friction just supports our thesis of future war. Since Trump gained office the trade deficit with China has ballooned.
-Cryptocurrency analysis. The chart and market action still point to further bad news for the bulls. I have no opinion on the cryptos as an asset class, but when XLM, a top-10 crypto, takes out its former bear-market low, I take note.
-Bitcoin analysis in isolation is misguided. I get a much better feel for BTC trading by looking at the larger alt-coins.

Reader comment – The preppers, alt-financial media, and bible scholars are getting it wrong

There is no need to collapse the economy to get the NWO

Note: I rarely ever come across anyone on the web who agrees with my assessment on economic collapse and biblical prophecy. An economic collapse would only expose the agenda. The NWO knows that an improperly prepared remnant is easy to subdue when the time comes. Moreover, this current system in a modified form will suffice.

Mr. Ruppert got it all wrong and ended up committing suicide. In regards to their assessment of the economic system, the preppers and endtime bible believers are not preparing properly and will not be able to make sound decisions in times of uncertainty.

If you are a regular reader of my work, you already know my worldview. The global elite do not need to collapse this current economic and monetary system to fulfill their desired objectives. Though I submit that modified versions of the current systems will probably be proffered after any protracted global conflict, there will most likely be no collapse before war. Despite what the eschatological scholars, alt-financial gurus, and preppers are warning, this current system can hold out for years.

Why is this? Prior to the last economic crisis of 2008, I could not comprehend how the central banks and governments would have been able to prolong this current arrangement. However, we now have a clearer answer; the central banks stand ready to buy up the world. Indeed, I surmise that was the objective all along.

The only constraint that was hampering the elites from conjuring up unconventional monetary policy was in their ability to persuade the population that QE and negative rates were the most expedient methods to keep the ship upright.

It has worked and the people have bought it. Now that things ostensibly seem to be unraveling, the vast majority of investors will embrace the QE of everything not nailed down, so long as it keeps their personal balance sheets and way of life intact.

Here is a comment from a reader in Canada:

I was very pleased to hear your comments on the Black Horse of Revelation. So many of my fellow believers are thoroughly convinced that an economic depression is just around the corner – and – it is a necessary predicate to the rapture.

Many are making the wrong financial decisions. The Jasper Project here in Canada is now law. The Jasper Project is a program where the Canadian Gov’t can seize Canadian citizens bank accounts and retirement accounts with an electronic key stroke at any time. Such pieces of evidence are used by misdirected believers as pointing toward “the coming economic depression.”  Thankfully, we know different. This instrument, and others worldwide like it, won’t be used until the tribulation.

Gary – Canada

Gary offers an interesting observation. Ask yourself this question; what would the globalists gain now if they confiscated our checking accounts, pensions and retirement assets, or social security payments? They would achieve nothing, while at the same time such actions would expose their agenda and enrage a sleeping populace.

Very few of the remnant are preparing properly for what is coming

The main thrust of preparing for what is coming is in our ability to accurately predict how the time line will unfold.

Conventional prepper wisdom is prominently displayed on the TV set as there are a number of shows that depict this survival mindset. But what if this way of life is misguided and being purposely ingrained into the matrix?

I predict those subscribing to the heavily promoted prepper philosophy will be the least able to handle what is coming.  At this point, preppers should mostly be concerned about;

  • getting out of all debt or having enough income and assets to pay it down,
  • Developing techniques to produce their own income (either business or passive income),
  • building a personal balance sheet,
  • raising financial liquidity levels, and
  • Being independent of government and employers for money.

Unfortunately, I see many preppers concentrating on the wrong items. They have been watching too much TV. If their current mindset continues to prevail, they will not be afforded the flexibility to make wise choices when they need to be made.

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held

Revelation 6:9 (KJV)

I ponder why so many Christians will be slain in the final days and the only conclusion I can make is that they were not properly prepared financially. This end time system is an economic system. Without control of the economy and financial structures, the elites would not have been able to gain their domination over Hollywood, the media, education, finance, health care, and governments.

We should be working right now to fatten up our balance sheets and liquidity. The scare tactics have been produced by the elites and the unwitting alt-media and have totally undermined and impoverished all well-intentioned preppers.

Despite what the catastrophe prognosticators are recommending and predicting, I submit that they are misguided. This is the Summer season and we should be taking risks and adding to our wealth. This will only work to increase our options when critical decisions need to be made.

If you subscribe to bible prophecy, don’t be held economic hostage. You will end up as one of the slain under the alter. If we are properly prepared financially, we can make it through to the other side.

And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days

Revelation 12:6 (KJV)

If I don’t die from old age first, I intend to survive all the way through. I tell you all the time how I am preparing. You can as well; just tune out the typical, hackneyed advice.

Reader comment to “If you think the internet is a good thing….”

I received several listener comments from yesterday’s podcast and wanted to share with you one of these comments with my response to him. I chose this one as I think it is the most common observation I hear when discussing this subject.

I know that the vast majority of humanity do not see the internet as a “bad” invention. In and of itself, the internet is not a “bad” thing and depending on its user, the web can seen as a “good” thing. It can help spread the truth. But in the land of the disingenuous shill, those proclaiming to be telling the truth usually are not. The internet also seems to be accelerating the new world order timeline.

A reader and listener emailed:

I believe its not the internet itself that’s causing problems, because at the end of the day, people will have confirmation biases with or without the internet; Its mostly a discernment problem. The internet is more of a double edged sword that has been created that sure isn’t one sided. If the internet is satanic, then why are you still posting podcasts on the internet?

John B.

Here was my response:

Hi. Thanks for listening and thank you for the email. I guess you were the one who downloaded my podcast. 🙂

I post to the 10% that get it if they heard it. My wife doesn’t even want to hear what I talk about. She gets angry. That’s my matter. I don’t even discuss this stuff with the Christians I meet in person. They want nothing to do with it. Perhaps that makes me a bad Christian. I’ve been to eight or nine different churches in my area and they are all the same.

Indeed, Plato even showed that 60% of humanity accept without question anything that is presented to them by the authorities. Another 20% can be coaxed to be that way. And only 20% question or do not accept what has been told to them. These are the 20% that have potential for discernment and introspection.

For the 80 to 90% of humanity who don’t even understand why they view things the way they do, the internet can be a terrible disservice to them. Certainly in a financial sense it reinforces their debt slave mentality.

And of those 20% [who have the potential to “get it”], most of those are also the ones with addictions and alcohol and drug problems. To those 20%, the world just doesn’t seem right to them. But many of these people never quite find out why.

A few put down the bottle and move forward and try to tell others. Indeed it is just a remnant. This is who I am trying to reach. It is clear from what I say and the feedback I get that the vast majority of listeners in the alt-financial media do not subscribe to what I talk about. They would rather listen to people with poor track records. Most of the people who listen in the alt-financial media are not part of that 20%. They only think they are.

Like I said in [yesterday’s] post, I’m not discussing about any particular person. When I discuss about the internet, it’s about the vast sea of humanity. Indeed, I’m painting with a broad brush. There are people out there like I am, they use the internet to their benefit.

Chris Pirnak

I hope the people who visit my site understand this.  I just wish to pass along what I have experienced and observed in my 53 years. I have a certain niche of expertise and hope to relay what I know.

In the financial realm, there is so much dishonesty and these charlatans use the internet to exploit the simple. Well-respected and successful investors use their exposure to shill their book of business, positions, and agenda. Recall last January how Ray Dalio was bashing cash, but by mid-year he had liquidated a sizable portion of his holdings and generated a remarkable return. He knows that his opinion matters, so he shilled his agenda. He’s at it again, praising the ChiCom government. The alt-financial media is short on knowledge and long on the cult-of-personality. Their followers latch on to their biases and make investment decisions based on this subjectivity.

By definition, this is all necessary and will never change.

January 25th Update – If you think the internet is a good thing, take a look at how the vast sea of humanity has changed in 25 years

I have uploaded a January 25th update. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.

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Note: I speak as a Christian remnant and someone who understands the new world order and the agenda to enslave humanity

-The internet may be a good thing for a particular person, but for 90% of humanity it has been a detriment. Degeneracy can be easily reaffirmed through the internet.
-The wealth gap has only widened since the internet went mainstream. For most of the population (yes, the alt-financial followers) making financial decisions based on what they see on the internet is a one-way ticket to poverty.
-Our Adversary loves the alt-financial media. He gets so excited every time another blogger puts out another article proclaiming economic calamity.
-Satan will get his black horse and there is no need for collapse; just the fear is enough. Everyone will be chasing their tails while the end time monetary system will come in through the back door.
-With the web, people can effortlessly indulge in any idea. If we wonder why families, morals, and intellectual capacity have degraded so quickly, we can thank the latest technologies like the internet, cell phones, and TV. It’s a job well done by the elites.
-Satan loves to spread fear and hopelessness. Learned helplessness and despair are wonderful to the elites. The more drugs we take and the more people who commit suicide, the more the agenda is fueled.
-The manufactured social divides widen with the internet. The confirmation and cognitive biases are preyed upon. Humanity is quickly being subdued and placed into a satanic cattle pen.
-I have to conclude that most of the technology of the past 50-80 years was given to humanity by some other force.
-This end time agenda is speeding up tremendously. Satan knows he has but a short time. The introduction of the internet is the only way he can hope to achieve his goal.
-Those who are in debt, depend on W-2 or 1099 income, an employer, or rely on government benefits will be the first ones to be gone. Those who are liquid and rely on passive or business income will remain around longer.
-I have built up 2.5 years of living expenses in liquidity.  We need to stay out of debt and remain liquid.
-There is no need for the elites to confiscate our checking accounts. They will paper it over with debt, which will be a deflationary millstone.
-I am still investing and planning for the future. I plan to buy more real estate. Prices in many areas (even the greater DC area) are still reasonable.

Demographics and economic distortions support US housing prices and rents

The Major Challenge of Inadequate US Housing Supply

I came across a research report from Freddie Mac titled, The Major Challenge of Inadequate US Housing Supply, and wanted to pass along some of its findings. I think its analysis effectively illustrates the current issues and dilemmas that are plaguing the residential housing market in the United States. While my analysis will concentrate on the domestic residential market, I believe that these conclusions can apply to many areas around the globe.

Keep in mind that the burgeoning and growing distortions and factors affecting the housing market in the United States are without precedent. Thus, it is naive to simply look at the Case-Shiller indexes and conclude that prices are doomed to fall. My contention with most of the housing market analysis (especially in the alt-financial media) lies with their failure to properly recognize these secular changes and how they are affecting the equilibrium price levels in many areas of the nation. Moreover, many will cherry-pick their data to demonstrate a bearish case. Indeed, I do not see any viable long-term solutions on the horizon, and for most renters and prospective home buyers the case is bearish; for them.

Many prognosticators look to the stock prices of the home builders as well as the new and existing home sales numbers to make claims that show that prices movements will repeat the swoon of last decade.  They make the direct connection between these observations and the prices of our houses. Take a look at some of the numbers from last month’s Freddie Mac’s research.

After nearly a decade of low levels of building, new housing stock is well short of what is needed. This has supported rents and house prices. This trend will not reverse any time soon.

Despite the calls from policy makers on the local, state, and federal levels for more affordable housing, the situation grows more dire each year. The planning, build-out, environmental, and construction costs as well as the local zoning restrictions have permanently driven up the costs of home construction.

Home building costs encompass the cost of land and regulatory costs. Since 2010, the cost of land has averaged about 23 percent of total home building expenses. But in some markets like San Jose, Santa Ana, Oakland, and Los Angeles, land can cost upward of 70 percent of the cost of building a home.

Laws and regulations such as local zoning restrictions on lot sizes and building height and open space designations also increase the cost of building a home, in turn reducing the supply of new homes. Regulatory costs increased 29 percent between 2011 and 2016, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimates.

The Major Challenge of Inadequate US Housing Supply – Freddie Mac (December 5, 2018)

As home prices continue to escalate, the government responds by subsidizing the mortgage market, which just creates higher demand along every price point.

Moreover, existing homeowners tend not to support expansionary home building projects. The bottom line is that these economic distortions will make it increasingly difficult for demand and supply to find a long-term equilibrium. In a managed economy, supply is restricted and prices are continually moving higher. Thus, home builders find it profitable to restrict supply and only sell higher-priced homes.

370,000 additional new housing units are needed each year
In 2017, the United States added 1.25 million additional housing units (homes, apartments, and manufactured homes). Economists with Freddie Mac estimate that current demand is about 1.62 million housing units per year—370,000 units more than the current rate of supply

Freddie Mac estimates that 1.62 million units are needed annually to meet the housing demand: 1.1 million to accommodate household growth; 300,000 units to replace depreciated existing stock; 100,000 to meet the demand for second homes; and 120,000 units to provide enough vacant homes to maintain an efficient marketplace. While the true level of long-run housing demand is uncertain, even Freddie’s low estimate  of 1.30 million units per year exceeds the current rate of housing construction (1.25 million units in 2017). Although the Freddie Mac report did not display the data for 2018, it is similar to 2017’s numbers. Thus, the gap between supply and demand still persists.

The lack of new supply is causing rents to rise as well.

This graph shows the price/rent ratio (Jan. 2000 = 1.0). On a price/rent basis, the Case-Shiller National index is back to Feb. 2004 levels, and the Composite 20 index is back to Nov. 2003 levels.

Freddie Mac points out the three primary factors that are driving the need for housing construction: growing demand from a growing population; the need to replenish existing stock; and the need for vacant units in a well-functioning market.

As long as these marketplace distortions persist (and I do not see how they can reverse) The majority of the population will continue to be surprised how high home prices and rents climb over the long-term.

Rents nationwide have increased 79% since January 2000. Rents continue to increase and many will be permanently shut out of homeownership.

You and I know that the US Fed and the other central banks will have to embark on unconventional monetary policy programs soon in response to the growing economic problems. I do not see how the housing market will not be affected. If the Fed opens the spigots and works to lower interest rates across all points of the yield curve, house prices will receive support regardless of what happens to the economy; even if most can no longer afford to buy.

Despite the increasing percentage of the population who think house prices will correct soon and that it may be a poor time to buy and a good time to sell, I think many prospective homeowners could be surprised and shut out.

Look on the bright side; If you teach in San Francisco, you can sign up for government housing and massive rent subsidies. Of course, somebody bears the costs of these programs. The people who are the most adversely affected are those who do not qualify for subsidized rent and government housing. They are cast out into the open market to fight for the ever shrinking supply that resulted from the housing stock that was taken off the market and devoted to the subsidized programs.

January 20th Market Update – Stocks and bonds respond to stimulus; Trading thoughts; Loose money will shut out more real estate buyers

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The elites achieved their objective and took out the 50-day mva. I suspect we need a rest and the 50-day will be the first test of support.
Look at all those nice green candles that took out the 50-day mva. We said this was done by design to deliver a statement.
The Nasdaq has been above the 50-day mva longer. All the problems with AAPL have not yet affected the rest of the Nasdaq. AAPL earnings come out on 1/29. When it comes to Buffett and tech, bet against him.

-Unless the stock market rolls back over, which I doubt, US Treasury yields will retest their moving averages. The yield curve is managed, so serious conversation on yield curve inversions is pointless.
-I received an email asking me to discuss BREXIT and what I think will happen. My analysis on how power is consolidated. Once the consolidation is achieved it is NEVER relinquished. All power continues to consolidate.
-The NWO is built on a wall of worry. All this upcoming chaos is generated. Global Economic Policy Uncertainty Reaches Record High
More people think that real estate has topped out. I see this as a contrarian indicator. When the central banks begin to engage in more unconventional monetary policy look for house prices to continue to move higher. More people will be priced out.
-Rents are 37% higher nationwide than at the height of the last real estate bubble (1/01/2006).

Rents are much higher this time around. While prices may seem as high, or higher, than in 2006, cap rates and IRRs are more attractive.
Despite the talk of doom many of the housing numbers do not point to calamity
The demand in real estate is greater than what most are claiming

January 19th Update – As society decays, the teachings of the Talmud are spreading worldwide

I have uploaded a January 19th Update. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.

Note: I will put out a separate market update later this weekend.

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-A reader sent in an email about a January 16th podcast from Trunews.com, discussing the Talmud and how those who aspire to be rich are embracing its teachings
Talmud-inspired learning craze sweeps South Korea
Inside China’s Bizarre Obsession With Jews
-The alt-financial media get it wrong over and over again. The control of the Synagogue of Satan was on full display last month.
-What would the elites have to gain from collapsing their system? None, except to leverage the manufactured chaos to consolidate their wealth, power, and control
-Instead of calling it the “Great Recession,” perhaps we should call the manufactured 2008 financial crisis as “The Great Buying Opportunity.”
-Why do the alt-financial media fail over and over? They cannot accept that these elites are in control. They are like people who grow up in religious families and know the truth, but reject it. The alt-financial media and their followers will never accept the truth and based on these lethal confirmation biases, they will make the worst financial decisions over and over. Their followers grow more helpless and hopeless.
-Imagine if we shorted these markets in December? I begged you not to short these markets. Once the Fed came out and the plunge protection team intervened, I loaded up my trading account with a bunch of stinker stocks and rode them up. I have been peeling them off and have about 25% of the original position left.

Teachers are judged more strictly

Why do I get upset with many in the alt-financial media?

My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.

James 3:1 (KJV)

God more strictly judges the teachers and pastors. Those who pose as an expert or an authority figure in any realm must be certain that they are qualified to teach.

James warns about taking on the title of “teacher,” and in this regard many who claim to be experts should not aspire to be labelled as one. Those who claim the mantle of a teacher will face stricter judgment or “will be judged with greater strictness.” The more one claims to know, the more accountable they are held for what they do with that knowledge.

Why is this? Contemplate a scenario where a person claims to be an expert in economics and finance, but is either unskilled and unaware of it or is disingenuous and attempting to manipulate the follower. What happens when the public follow his advice and lose a lot of money? How will this person be judged? According to James, these people are judged more strictly.

With this preface out of the way, I want to categorize the three types of people who dominate as the authorities in the alt-financial media:

  • The unskilled who pose as teachers and dispense advice. Many of these individuals actually think they are skilled. However, a simple analysis can determine if someone has an objective mastery of the subject. If he or she continually makes wrong predictions,  exhibits flawed logic, or demonstrates only rudimentary acumen, perhaps this person should find another line of work (or overcome his biases, which preclude him from reaching better results).
  • The skilled or unskilled who are also good at selling something. These are the people with conflicts of interest. They pose as our allies, but are disingenuous in their teachings as they have something to upsell the follower. Some are gold or crypto shills, but many also are dependent on social media where they can ensnare the simple with monetized click bait articles and YouTube videos. These media are designed to cater to the fearful or ignorant. They may also have expensive services to sell you and need to convince you that they are vital to your financial well-being. The followers make the wrong financial decisions or spend large sums of money and end up living lives of poverty.
  • The skilled who have nothing to gain, except to help out others while they can. They make no money from their advice and only hope that his or her readers/listeners can take the best course of action to make their lives easier. These people continually reassess their skill levels and make certain that they have attained a certain level of mastery. Their predictions and observations are more correct and they can relay it in a way that makes sense to the objective person.

I have been criticized in the past for my views with regards to many of the personalities in the alt-financial media. But understand, my conclusions are only based on their accuracy and track records. If they are continually incorrect, I believe that for the greater good of the remnant they need to pursue another line of work. This isn’t just for the benefit of those who lost money listening to them, but for their benefit at judgement.