New Years Update – Make the most of 2019 and embrace the opportunities; Commentary of Network (movie, 1976)

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-People have been talking about collapse since I was a child. For those who are the unwitting victims of the new world order, it may seem like one.
-Society has been transforming for a long time and it is a society that most people find acceptable. It has become Sodom and Egypt. The few (you and I) who do not need to adjust and move forward. We need to carry the goodness in our hearts and help others who will listen.
-Our adversary enjoys the collapse fear-mongering. The people who are addicted to the collapse talk never plan for the future.
-The battle is mental. Look around and see the degeneracy. The vast percentage of humanity have already succumbed.
-2019 will present so many opportunities to succeed. We can defeat the NWO, but not in the way most imagine.
Network (I am mad as hell….)
-We have been told where the world is moving. Why did Jesus come to this planet?
-My one reservation about an upcoming stock market/economic collapse; how can there be one when half the investors have already planned for one? By definition, that is the self-correcting mechanism.
-Stay liquid and pay down debt.