December 22nd Market/Investing Update – Behavioral psychology and economics; Making the right decisions; Market updates with predictions

I have uploaded a Market/Investing Update for December 22, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below. You can also right mouse click here to download the podcast.

-In the last few months, I have observed a tremendous increase in the amount of pre-programmed gloomy talk coming from the MSM. I include Bloomberg and CNBC. The Alt-financial media is irrelevant as it has been recommending shorting the stock market since the May 2010 “flash-crash.” I tune out the alt-financial press.
-the Same owners of the MSM who own the alt-media as well as social media also control central bank policy. They are clearly steering the hive-mind consensus of the population into accepting a protracted economic downturn.
-The psychological techniques of Edward Bernays have been perfected and the Synagogue of Satan is selling us economic catastrophe the same way they sell us cars.
-Manufactured instability with Trump and Powell leading the way.
-The USDX remains of concern. It is currently well supported, but if Fed policy deviates too far from one which supports economic stability we could see the dollar fall like in 2007/2008.
-Imagine the wholesale raping of society that will take place as the central banks appear as our saviors.
-Why I recommended cash in late January. I look at how the ex-Fed chiefs all began to talk down the markets. The Fed chiefs who all decade were loathe to identify asset bubbles, began to trash talk market valuations. All at the same time, the Fed has demonstrated an arbitrarily hawkish policy.
-I have to conclude on some level that Jerome Powell is following a script and has little room to deviate.
-The level of the Fed funds rate and the amount of balance sheet unwind is less important than the rate and speed of change. The Fed seems intent on a fast tightening in the face of accelerating credit market deterioration. It kept rates at 0% for at least seven years and now it is raising without regard to impending disasters, especially in the various credit markets.
-Psychological analysis into the market behavior of a typical boom/bust cycle.
-How to spot opportunity in a bear market
-In the bottom of a bear market, there is little competition. In asset manias, competition is fierce.
-Market demand is based on the number of participants who intend to buy. There really is little demand in real estate as many people who want to buy are incapable of owning. They either don’t have enough savings, can’t make enough money, are not responsible enough, or cannot psychologically own. They rely on social proof to make large purchase decisions and will always lose money. This is why the elites have developed social media – enhance the hive-mind.
-It’s easy to financially rape the hive-mind society
-Gold looks very good. The auspicious COT report looks to lend support. A test of 1,300?
-Oil drop is so swift. I am concerned that we still have downside. Fed policy is destroying the drillers.  Short-term stock objectives prevail over the long-term.
-A technical analysis of all three domestic stock averages. Where I think we are testing first. It seems like a fait accompli.
-Bond market commentary and analysis in light of willfully ignorant Fed policy.