December 13, 2018 Update – Armstrong fumbles, the alt-media stumbles, and Trump mumbles

-Martin Armstrong covers his tracks. Calls the drop in sovereign yields a loss of confidence, but his big bang theory called for a rise in yields instead.
-My views on current global politics, including the jailing of the Huawei CFO.
All major 10-year sovereign yields have fallen since the US Fed’s change in policy stance. Can’t be a total coincidence.
-My response to yesterday’s Henry Makow article. I received a couple emails asking me to comment.
-I have no hard-wired bias to see a strong dollar. If circumstances change and I anticipate a dollar collapse I will let you know.
-What would the globalists gain from a collapsing dollar?
-Blockchain not ready to replace money for at least a decade.
-Negative rates discussed.
-Draghi and ECB working with Dovish Fed to coordinate global monetary policy. These private central banks all work together
-Wage earners in the US suffer under the Trump fiscal policies. 60% had not pay raise or lost wages.