November 12, 2018 Update – Gold, oil, stocks, bonds, currencies; Biases are financially lethal, but most people don’t want to overcome them

I have uploaded a podcast for November 12,2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen and look at the relevant links or you can listen on the link below. You can also Right mouse click here to download the podcast.

-Gold, silver, stocks, bonds, real estate, USD discussed. Thoughts and recommendations
-Commercials adding to shorts earlier in the week in gold and UST 10-year. Specs add to oil shorts.
-Oil may be the most oversold since early 2016, but any bounce will short-lived. It can’t fall forever though a test of the 100-week mva is due
-Friday red candles on gold and silver look ominous
-Democrats want to kick up deficit spending as they see it not causing inflation
-Further discussion on biases
-Analysis of conflict-of-interest in media
-Ever wonder why commercials geared to adults get more childish? The marketing research groups have determined that adults like to be treated like children