November 9, 2018 Update – Important market update; the dollar continues to rise and the Fed needs to raise rates; The next bust is baked in the cake

I have uploaded a podcast for November 9,2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen and look at the relevant links or you can listen on the link below. You can also Right mouse click here to download the podcast.

-PPI numbers and FOMC meeting results point to continued tailwinds to the USD.
-Strong USD will undermine gold and oil. I see 200-week mva in sight for WTI. We suspected oil at 66 (test of 50-week mva) was very bearish as the gap down in XOP on 10/23 signaled doom.
-Gold could drop below 1,200 on strong dollar fundamentals.
-My trading long in gold has been liquidated. I held that long for weeks at under 1200, but the continued strong dollar completely undoes that.
-The Fed has the next bust baked  into the cake.
-The extra ongoing $500 billion in extra fiscal stimulus came at the worst time, and the Fed is now so far behind the curve that I do not recommend anything except short-term USD holdings.
-Cryptocurrency analysis. BCH hardfork and the deceitful shilling. What a joke the cryptos have become. BTC does have a future.