November 3rd Update – What’s up with oil? Short-term profit vs. long-term wealth; Our current monetary system is described in Revelation

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-Answering email questions and comments
-I mentioned on October 23rd that the frackers profits were largely an illusion and that they were not as efficient as the sell-side was claiming. When the stories began to emerge that the shale plays were large consumers of debt the XOP began to sell off. I mentioned then that the drop in the XOP could be an indicator in the oil price direction. Oil then dropped almost $5 since then. I am concerned WTI may touch the 100-week mva at $58.50 or even the 200-week at 52.20. Keep in mind that the price of gas usually comes down here in the US around important election cycles, so this may just be noise, but the shale players look sick. Stay away from the shale drillers.
-I am neutral on US equities. Too many people are bearish and shorting seems too much of a sure thing.
-I am slightly short-term bullish on gold as the dollar is still somewhat short-term overbought on the USDX and in JPY. The COT is still compressed and it has room to further unwind. The commercials covered shorts on just a fall to 1,225. They probably covered many more on the further drop. I look for a test of 1,250.
-Spec shorts continue to cover in the 10-year UST futures. Five weeks in a row, but still overly shorted. Despite all the sound and fury, UST yields are still low. Never underestimate the NWO to keep the system propped-up.
-The problems with predicting commodity, bond, and stock prices in the future. Nonetheless, investors and traders rely on these predictions.
-It is easier predicting the secular trends than it is determining short-term price movements. Concentrating on the big picture can make us a lot more money and save us our sanity.
-Watch out for those begging the US Fed to ease up on monetary policy. They love the easy money and have built a lot of wealth with the loose Fed policy. They are shilling their selfish interests.
-I analyze the monetary and economic systems described in the book of Revelation and they appear to be very similar to those we are currently enslaved under. Let’s not get caught up with thinking that this system must collapse before the tribulation period.
-A few subscribers have commented on the wage economy analysis. I answer some of the questions.
-A subscriber in Australia, a real estate attorney, is observing similar trends in his country’s property titling to that of the US. I predict that we will eventually get a de facto national titling system. It will transcend the current system. There is now ample court precedent supporting it. Property confiscation will be a much more straightforward process. Seditious citizens will be able to have their assets stripped more easily.