October 23rd Update – Too many are calling for a crash; Market analysis; China yields to US sanctions

I have uploaded a podcast for October 23,2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen and look at the relevant links or you can listen on the link below. You can also right mouse click here to download the podcast.

-Another reason to be a dollar bull; European banks have been underperforming US banks all decade. While the US banks wrote off bad debt and recapitalized, European banks have been on an IV drip.
-More Trump tax cuts coming? I don’t even think Larry Kudlow saw that one coming.
-The central banks have decreased balance sheets slightly. The rising Fed funds rate and the higher long-term yields in the US have more to blame for the volatility.
-The central banks could crank up the press again if things fall apart. They will get the blame here if things drop, but continue to tighten. We are overdue and the banks need to tighten.
-The increasing US federal deficit spending is forcing the US Fed to tighten. It all looks manufactured.
-The resulting fallout of the Trump spending and US Fed tightening, with its hard hit to the emerging economies, will increase the call for an international overseer to manage domestic monetary policy
-China yielding to US sanctions on Iran. The major powers are not ready for war.
-Staying in cash all year has been the right choice. Being an objective observer and listening to the Fed puppets have been the best decision.
-Gold receives a bid as gold bears race to cover. More coming.
-Oil looks terrible here. Next support is 64.50. Frackers not making money at higher prices. I though they were more efficient. Analysis proves otherwise.