September 20th Update – Ordo ab chao; Anticipate and act; Will gold perk up? Platinum has; the globalist puppets predicted bonds would unwind; mortgage rates near 5%

I have uploaded a podcast for September 20, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen and look at the relevant links or you can listen on the link below. You can also right mouse click here to download the podcast.

-Order out of chaos; Those who run the planet create the chaos and conflicts to further their agenda. They operate behind the scenes, so few people see it as being all manufactured and intentional.
-Most following alt-right and alt-financial media do not see the careful planning of the chaos and the left/right conflict. Of course, the top of the alt-right pyramid is completely controlled.
-The compromised churches have brainwashed many to think the end is soon and that the rapture is imminent. Why plan for the future? The ones worried about being left behind will be financially left behind. All by design as any potential opposition will be neutered.
-The Synagogue uses emotion to whip up the contrived sides against one another while the next phase of the NWO agenda pushes forward with little resistance. Few of the people who think they know what is going on are looking in the right direction.
-Despite rising bond yields, a fading dollar, higher inflation, and a bullish COT report, gold is struggling. Don’t look for silver to save the day. However, platinum may be telling us better days are coming.
-Mortgage rates at some banks approaching 5%, the highest in 6-7 years. Eventually, everything the ex-Fed chairs said earlier this year will hit. It takes time and gives the elite time to adjust and anticipate.
-The average household is the wealthiest ever. But those supporting Trump have been left behind, while his adversaries have benefited the most. Remember that Trump was a liberal democrat until he spotted an opportunity to take advantage of an under-served demographic; the naive flag-waving crowd (NIFWICs).
-The globalists want us to be good global citizens, but when it comes to war they want us to be patriots.