The alt-financial media got it wrong; MERS and the MBS market were designed to help the globalists suppress long-term bond yields

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-The concept of the mortgage-backed security (MBS) goes back to the late 1970s with its invention. Lewis Ranieri is often referred to as the “father of the mortgage-backed security.” He rose to become Vice Chairman at Salomon Brothers in the late 80s.
-The MBS got a big boost when it received favorable tax treatment under the 1986 TRA, with the REMIC getting tax-exemption status. By the end of 1986 the MBS market was worth $150 billion.
-The Bloomberg terminals became important MBS price discovery sources around this time.
-Mortgage underwriting was very subjective at the time, with many banks and officers having wide discretion. Moreover, banks generally kept the loans on their books. This created problems with pricing models. In addition, in the late 80s-mid 90s, as interest rates fell MBS prepayments became a problem and MBS prices fell hard. This is counterintuitive as bond prices would normally rise.
-The globalists took note as MBSs perform best in a stable-interest rate environment – the current market dynamic we have experienced over the past decade. The first 30 years of the MBS market proved to be a valuable learning experience for the globalists.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) was not established to undermine the concept of ownership of title as the alt-financial media claims. MERS was founded by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, and the Mortgage Bankers Association, to help standardize the MBS market and to create a pool of liquidity in the trillions.
-Just like with the US Fed, nobody can seem to figure out who owns MERSCORP, operator of MERS. The judges even make errors when identifying parties in a lawsuit.
-Imagine how high mortgage rates would be if we did not have the federally-backed MBS sector and the MERS registry. Either rates would be low and there would be no credit available or rates would be high and asset prices would have collapsed. We cannot have both, unless there is marxist government control.
-By expanding this pool of mortgage funding liquidity the globalists were able to keep mortgage rates lower than they otherwise would be able to. The real estate sector provides the largest asset class of collateral. In order for the globalists to control long-term yields it was necessary for them to control the mortgage market.
-The manufactured crisis of 2008 provided the excuse to nationalize the mortgage market. The GSEs, the mortgage banking industry, the underwriting and appraisal process were all nationalized and federalized. Thus, the process became objective and standardized.
-As debt levels became more onerous, it became necessary for the major markets (e.g. Treasury and residential mortgage) to be actively managed by the government and the US Fed. With respect to the mortgages, the standardized MBS market and its accompanying MERS recordation system provided the needed tools to tame this multi-trillion dollar sector.
-Masonic federal judges were picked to hear the cases against MERS. Notice that virtually all the court proceeding either were in favor of MERS or were undecided.
-This system is now deeply entrenched and is marxist in nature. We go into debt, but the entire market runs by government dictate.
-Welcome to the New World Order