The secret societies are running the show and we have no say; thoughts on the US dollar and REITs

I have uploaded a podcast for September 13, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen and look at the relevant links or you can listen on the link below. You can also right mouse click here to download the podcast.

Watch VP Pence (Mr. Christian conservative) blatantly give the masonic handshake during a Trump news conference.
-Discussion of 9/12 Joel Skousen interview with Jeff Rense. (right mouse link to download interview)
-All parties in the political spectrum, even the heads of the patriot movement, are part of the Synagogue of Satan. They wouldn’t be there unless they gave their secret oath.
-I never had any illusions about Trump looking out for us. There are many people who should have known better and are surprised that Trump hasn’t lived up to any of his promises.
-The secret societies control Australia;
Question; why would Australia’s military conduct joint military war games with China?
Answer; to give China much needed intelligence and military strategy. The globalists want China to strike the west and want Australia to fold in the upcoming global conflict.
-Separate yourself from a world that is populated with virtue signalers.
-I do not recommend owning residential REITs, but understand why. Dividend yields are approaching that of US Treasuries. Single-family REITs yield about 1.6%. We have the management of the yield curve by the US Treasury and GSEs to thank.
-The managers of the REITs are the only ones making a lot of money from them.
-I still believe US housing provides much better yields and cap rates. One rental property can provide the owner a wealth of tax benefits and income offsets, higher appreciation potential, and better payouts than any REIT.
-Even REITs like SKT have poor payouts when their stressed portfolio is considered. Its 5.9% yield cannot overcome the continual loss of NAV. I prefer PSA as the debt slaves in the US have a lot of useless junk to store.
-The petrodollar myth; As we predicted, the US has just become the world’s largest oil producer. If Texas were a nation it would be the 3rd largest producer of oil. 
-The oil output of the US will continue to expand and will continue to grow faster than Russia.
-The globalists are expanding the oil extraction technology and output potential of the US as war approaches.