Alex Jones spotted with transgender pornography on his phone

If anyone is still relying on Alex Jones and the other controlled shills in the alt-media as being the tip of spear for the truth movement I feel bad for him or her.

The latest news about Alex Jones’s personal issues helps to explain the inherent inconsistencies between his publicly promoted persona and the facts about his private life that have trickled out over the past few years. If he prefers to look at this stuff, he should just say so and get on with it. But it is clear that his behavior is typical of someone who is suffering from a cognitive dissonance disorder. This makes him the perfect person to compromise. He is a very charismatic and intelligent speaker and has the power to influence millions. Thus the globalists find people like Alex Jones the type of person they seek to promote.

The fact that he looks at trannie porn helps to explain why he acts the way he does, why he was good friends with Charlie Sheen, and why he is close to closeted “truther,” Roger Stone.

Just add this evidence to the trash heap of news that comes out about him. There was ample testimony from his child custody case to turn away any discerning truther, but the fact that his listener base continues to grow is testament to the power of the globalists to promote him as well as the enormous slide in the intellectual capacity of what’s left of the patriot movement.

We need to reassess where we get our news from, especially with respect to alt-financial media. If anyone is getting his or her news from the likes of Alex Jones, Max Keiser, RT, or the copywriters and gold shills on the Daily Reckoning (e.g. Jim Rickards, Nomi Prins) I suggest you seek other avenues before you lose all your money.

I know many find it difficult to believe, but I am certain these people are Masons and are placed into their positions of influence to confuse, bewilder, scare, and impoverish the unwitting followers. It’s  done by design, and with the express, written consent of the Synagogue of Satan.

We need to think for ourselves.